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Report # 27895  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, June 18, 2010.
Possible early morning sighting and strange occurrences at a residence near Ollie

YEAR: 2010

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 16


COUNTY: Keokuk County

LOCATION DETAILS: I live in the Skunk River Valley


OBSERVED: On June 16 2010 I was with my friend and I heard the dogs barking very loudly. I went to the living room window and looked out and the dogs were taking off up the driveway which runs west. I saw what looked like a big person running off down my drive way. What i saw was a shadow darker than the tree shadow on the ground, it was bigger than a person but i could not tell the exact height. The next day another friend and I were walking on my farm and we found a footprint in a cornfield east of my house. We took three pictures of the footprint.

ALSO NOTICED: one footpront was found the next day in the mud of our cornfield

OTHER WITNESSES: one who thought she saw what i pointed out

OTHER STORIES: yes there was a sighting a few weeks ago in jefferson county witch is right next to my county

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was 3:30 and it was clear night we have a secruity light that was on that was casting a shadow on the tree. What i saw was darker than the tree's shadow

ENVIRONMENT: gravel driveway with woods

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Adam Newman:

I spoke with the witness by phone and found him to be credible. He discussed his observation without deviating from his original report. The creature that he had observed was initially standing next to a tree in front of the house in the shadow of a security light. When the creature turned and ran from this position the witness could see that it was one solid dark color. It ran on two legs at a high rate of speed. I asked the witness for as much detail as possible and was impressed by his honesty in not being able to give much more of a description.

One day later the witness and a family member found large human-like foot prints in a nearby cornfield. The prints were estimated to be about fourteen inches in length. The prints were larger than his size twelve shoes. Photographs were taken of the prints with a cell phone camera.

The witness was eager to meet in person and discuss the incident and so we met and discussed the incident at length. The photos proved not to be very clear showing only a depression in the soil.

The witness stated that very loud and powerful screams are often heard at various locations along the river valley within a few miles of where the incident occurred. He clearly remembers a specific evening sitting at the edge of a field hearing screams come from more than one location calling as if in response to one another.

Another incident related by the witness occurred one evening when he and a friend were hunting in a section of timber in the area. Something began throwing rocks at them. None of the rocks struck either of them but were definitely being thrown at them. They immediately left the area and could not come up with any logical explanation.

About three years ago he and a couple of friends had decided to camp along a stream that runs through the property. He didnít recall anything unusual happening during the course of the evening. They had a good sized fire that was left burning when they turned in. As they were still lying there awake a very large shadow appeared over their tent. They just lay there not knowing what to do. A short time later something shook the outside of their tent with a good deal of force and then immediately left the campsite.

The witness spent a great deal of time asking me questions. He asked what I thought they ate. I replied as honestly as I could about various plants, nuts, and berries. When I explained that we believed that deer were also a food source he described a deer kill that he had come across. He stated that both of the back legs on the animal were broken violently and the skin had been removed near the chest, and the ribcage separated. The internal organs had been removed and were not in the immediate area. He told me that what he had found was so unusual and disturbing that it had given him nightmares.

The witness is seventeen years old and this property is owned by his grandparents. He has spoken with them and they are aware that something unusual is occurring around their property. However, they are unwilling to allow me to do an on-site visit.

There have been at least three other separate sightings in the area. Further investigations are ongoing.

Of particular note is a heavily wooded area along the south side of the South Skunk River that has for many years been called the 'Monkey Den' by locals. A one room school house in the area officially known as 'School Number Nine' has been called the 'Monkey Den School' by those that attended it in the early nineteen hundreds. The reason for this nickname is that people have been screamed at by something in this timber for many years. It is suspected by this researcher that there has been a sasquatch presence along this particular stretch of South Skunk River valley for about a hundred years or so.

About BFRO Investigator Adam Newman:

Born and raised in Southeast Iowa, I began hunting, fishing, and camping at a very early age. Being outdoors and in a wild environment brings many challenges, and much enjoyment. The creatures that inhabit these places have been a source of fascination for me, and I consider interacting with them to be my passion.