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Report # 26521  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, September 1, 2009.
Memory told of heavy, bipedal running heard while camping in Yellowstone National Park

YEAR: 1980


MONTH: October

STATE: Wyoming

COUNTY: Park County

LOCATION DETAILS: cant remember the name of the lake- one of the headwater lakes.

NEAREST TOWN: gardiner wyoming

OBSERVED: winter of 1980, my older brother and i were hiking and camping in yellowstone park. after a five mile hike from the road up to a lake,(that reportedly was the only place in north america to catch arctic greyling other than in the arctic,) we set up camp for the night. after eating the days catch, and cleaning up, we settled in for bed early as we were tired from the days hike and fishing. we were in our tent, quietly talking and starting to get drowsy when all of a sudden something ran by us- on two legs....something very large and heavy. we looked at each other with eyes bulging out of our heads, and i told him to go see what it was.....he replied, 'no f...... way' and as we had no sidearms or weapons, just sat there terrified for the rest of the night. at daybreak we broke camp and left there looking for tracks but the ground was bare and there was no sign of our midnight visitor except for our experience

ALSO NOTICED: the footsteps were very heavy, bipedal and running at an unhurried it was trying to cover some ground.

OTHER WITNESSES: just my older brother and myself

OTHER STORIES: never went back- in fact havent discussed it in years until i started reading this website.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: approximatly 10 o'clock

ENVIRONMENT: pine forest

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Lee Bushong:

I spoke with the witness via phone. He traveled to Yellowstone with his brother for a weekend of fishing. They parked at the trailhead and hiked to a secluded area, approximately five miles. The location has Grayling and is called Grebe Lake. They fished all afternoon and into the evening and caught a couple Grayling. They noticed nothing strange during the day or evening. His brother was fishing right up to dark. They had supper and got into the tent to go to bed. The tent was small with 18" sides, no windows and only one entry door. They had a lantern on inside the tent. Suddenly they heard and felt something heavy come running by their tent. They heard nothing else and were positive it was not from an elk, moose or deer. They were sure it was two legged and too heavy sounding to be a man. They were both shocked and did not want to look outside the tent. The sound lasted for around ten seconds. They heard no other sounds before or after the encounter. The next morning they did not see any prints due to the ground cover.

We have received and published many reports from Park County, Wyoming.

About BFRO Investigator Lee Bushong:

Lee Bushong owns and manages a property management company in Jackson, Wyoming. He participated in the Colorado 05 and Oregon 06 expeditions.