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Report # 26245  (Class A)
Submitted by witness NO on Friday, July 10, 2009.
Man recalls scary incidents as a teenager on his family's farm SW of Mt. Pleasant

YEAR: 1986

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: September

STATE: Michigan

COUNTY: Montcalm County

LOCATION DETAILS: 1 mile east of flat river



OBSERVED: I was awakened by a strong odor.When I opened my eyes I saw a huge creature only 3 feet away looking down at me from just outside my bedroom window.My bed was directly under and against the window,so I was looking up and this thing blotted out most of my view.I ran to my parents room as this thing let out what I can only describe as a mix of a roar and a scream.This woke my mother,sister,a dog inside and a dog out on our porch.The dog outside was barking and growling as I grabbed a .44 revolver. I was going to go out and bring in the dog when the creature roared again.Then the dog started whining.My mother said not to go out and suddenly my .44 didnt seem big enough to do any good. We spent the rest of the night terrified.

ALSO NOTICED: Full moon/overcast.Good visibility.



TIME AND CONDITIONS: about 1:00 am


Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Don Peer:

On 9/27/09 I talked at length with the witness. He was straight forward and seemed sincere. He stated he was 16 at the time of the incident. He was laying in bed with a small lamp on in the bedroom. He was fully clothed, as he had fallen asleep earlier while napping. He woke to a strong musky smell and looked up through the bedroom window, which was open with a screen.
He stated that it was a full moon and he saw the outline of the animal very clearly including the hair and shape of the head. He said it was absolutely huge, somewhere between three and four feet across at the shoulders. He was very sure of what he saw and used the size description of "two refrigerators side by side with a coconut on top". It seemed to start to bend down, as if to get a closer look at him through the window. As it did this, he sprung up and ran from his bedroom into his parents bedroom. As he did this, the animal let out a very loud roar that went from a roar into a scream. He described the sound as sounding like being at the zoo and hearing a lion roar and ending up sounding similar to a howler monkey screaming.
As he ran into his parents' room, the family's Great Dane also ran into the room and was visibly scared. He grabbed a 44 caliber black powder pistol and was heading out the front door, as there was a black lab that was tied up on the porch, but his mother convinced him not to go out and the animal let out another roar, which convinced him not to open the door. The dog on the porch barked and growled for a long time, but was not harmed by the animal. The witness also added that he grew up coon hunting during the night and was very familiar with all local wildlife and comfortable being outdoors at nighttime.
The witness also remembers around 1978 or so, an incident where his sister heard something hit the side of the house, quite loudly. His parents rounded everyone up and put them in their bedroom, gave the witness a pistol and told him not to let anybody in the room except them. His parents went outside to investigate and found very large footprints in the flower garden outside his sisters bedroom and hand prints that were huge on the aluminum siding at the same location.
The witness said the family farm was bordered on all four sides by corn fields with two track trails running along them and lots of fruit trees and berry bushes. The area has several water sources nearby including the Flat River and several small lakes and creeks.

About BFRO Investigator Don Peer:

Don Peer lives in northern Michigan and has studied the bigfoot phenomenon all his life. He has attended numerous Michigan expeditions and co-organized the 2011 Michigan BFRO expedition. He is an avid outdoorsman and works for the Michigan Department of Corrections.
Don Peer may be contacted at