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Report # 2618  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, June 1, 2001.
Teen reading on porch late at night sees large, humanlike figure

YEAR: 2001

SEASON: Spring


DATE: Saturday, June 2, 01

STATE: Pennsylvania

COUNTY: Perry County


NEAREST ROAD: not known

OBSERVED: Hi, I'm about to tell you about the very frightening encounter with bigfoot/sasquatch.
I'm 13 years old, and i'm beng very serious about this. I like to joke around, but this is NO joke. I am so amazed about what I saw because it is so rare and unusual. I hate it because I try to tell everyone in school and no one believes me, and sometimes frusterates me so much when they don't believe me. Here is my story. My dad bought a cabin about 1 year ago I think. On Saturday June 2, 2001 we went to visit the cabin. Later on at about 10 o'clock p.m. I was on the porch reading, and it was cold for June here in PA, about 50-60 degrees. At about 10:35 I thought I heard something in the brush about 30 feet from where I was sitting. It sounded like foot steps in the leaves, like when your walking in the autumn and the leaves go crunch..crunch. I didnt think much about it at first until I heard a twig snap pretty loudly so I turned the light on. I saw something crouching-maybe a bear, but we dont get many black bears, and it seemed to of had longer arms. I kept staring, because even if it was a black bear, thats still pretty cool. But then it stood up about 6-7 feet and I then realized that it was no little black bear, this thing was like a big hairy man but stockier and broader shoulders and bigger head. I almost dropped my book that was half open in my hand, when as fast as it stood up, it sprinted away with long steps. I ran in the house to tell my parents. I think they half-believed me. I got about 3 hours of sleep that night. All I can remember of the descripsion, is that it had dark fir, long arms and legs, it was stocky, and very fast.

ALSO NOTICED: before the sighting their was a faint bad smell, of something, but I didnt really pay attention because the woods always smells.

OTHER STORIES: I have never heard of any similar occasions

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was about 10:40 it was a clear night but chilly for June, even in the mountains.

ENVIRONMENT: The habitat was a dense forest/woods, with lots of pines and ferns, their was a small stream/brook about 20-30 yards from the cabin. pretty rocky, and animals include, deer, squirrels, turkey and sometimes bear.