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Report # 26149  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, June 17, 2009.
Fishermen experience possible early morning vocalizations and rock throwing at East Fork Lake

YEAR: 2009

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 06/16/09


COUNTY: Clermont County

LOCATION DETAILS: we were fishing on a sandy clearing just to the right of the floating dock at the Northshore boatramp,EastFork Lake State Park

NEAREST TOWN: Batavia,Ohio


OBSERVED: while fishing early in the morning at Eastfork Lake near batavia,ohio,my nephew and I heard first an owl hooting a couple of times and I told Cody that I'd never heard one there before.It was around 3 am,After a few more hoots all of a sudden a loud noise came from the woods.A noise that I've only heard in a jungle scene in a movie.The sound was of chimps in trees,warning of danger present,it was very strange.After about an hour had pasted,we heard the owl noise again and then broke out in a loud low scream,over and over we heard this scream.then it went into what sounded like dogs barking,maybe a few dogs and then the barking went into yelping like they were being hurt.Then it stopped.We didn't hear anything again.Occasionally we'd hear the sound of a large rock being thrown into the water about 100 yards away.We left alittle later after all that went on.

ALSO NOTICED: there were a piling of driftwood and trees where we were fishing.we took it apart and used a couple to lay our poles apon

OTHER WITNESSES: There was just Me and my nephew.

OTHER STORIES: no,none to my knowledge

TIME AND CONDITIONS: it was between 3-4am,pitch black out.we had a lantern hangging in a tree to see to fish

ENVIRONMENT: it was pitch black out.the noises came from toward the northshore pump station.It was early morning and alittle chilly.cloudy and sprinkling on and off

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rachel Luffman:

I spoke with the witness and found him to be credible. He added the following details about what they heard that night:

- The vocalizations began as an owl type hooting, then turned to chattering like a monkey, then long deep howls, then barking like a dog. There were no dogs that he knows of in the area.

- He felt that the owl noises, the chatter, the howls, and the barks were all coming from the same creature or creatures.

- He has hunted and fished his entire life and had never heard anything like it.

- The vocalizations were not more than 50-60 yards away.

- The next day he and his nephew looked up animal sounds online. They found the BFRO site and listened to the audio clips.The deep screams/howls were similar to the "Ohio Howl" recording, as far as pitch and length. It sounded like whatever was making the howl had a lot of lung power.

- The rocks being thrown into the water sounded large and heavy.

- The two of them were growing increasingly uneasy the longer they stayed, and finally decided to leave after the rocks started to hit the water.

About BFRO Investigator Rachel Luffman:

Raised with a love of the outdoors, avid camper & hiker, fascination with the Sasquatch mystery since childhood.

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- Oklahoma 2008
- Missouri Ozarks 2008
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