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Report # 24822  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Monday, September 29, 2008.
Morning visitor seen at an Elk Hunting Camp in the Medicine Bow National Forest

YEAR: 2008


MONTH: September

DATE: 27th

STATE: Wyoming

COUNTY: Carbon County

LOCATION DETAILS: Camp site off Hwy 70

NEAREST TOWN: Encampment, WY

NEAREST ROAD: National Forest 71

OBSERVED: My husband, parents and I had set up a camp in the Medicine Bow National Forest. Our camp consisted of a fire ring, cooking table, large tent and 3 vehicles. My parents slept in the tent and we slept inside our truck. My husband awoke at 5:30am to go elk hunting. He got dressed in the truck cab then exited the cab and continued to get his hunting gear ready. He had gotten a late start and it was beginning to lighten up outside. I sat up in the truck for a second and out the back window saw a black figure run between my parentís tent and the 3rd vehicle. I only saw the figure for Ĺ a second and I only saw the torso up. I had just woke up and around the edges of the truck window had a little fog around them, so I initially I thought it was my husband, but he was still standing between the truck and the 2nd vehicle. I laid back down and got to thinking about what I saw. I sat back up and started watching my husband move around the camp. He was wearing his camo overalls and a camo coat. The way he moved was slow and sluggish compared to what I saw earlier. My husband soon left to go hunting. Maybe 10 minutes later, my brother pulled into the campsite and parked his vehicle and walked into the woods to go hunting. He to was dressed in camo and was nowhere near as smooth and fluid as what I saw running.

The animal I saw was black. It almost looked like it was wearing a hoodie (hood up). There was no distinction between the head and the shoulders. It was smaller than my husband both in height and in weight. My husband is 6 foot, 230 pounds. It looked slender. What impressed me the most was the speed and the smoothness of the running motion. This thing was FAST.

I can not imagine another person being in our camp. There was a road up a hill next to our campsite and hunters were driving by here and there. Probably no more than 4-5 cars all morning. There were hunters all over the forest. The keys were in our 4-wheeler and all the vehicles were unlocked, so if it was a person nosing around, there was nothing left out the night before for someone to steal from camp other than the vehicles.

It took me about 15 minutes of running the scenario through my mind over and over to realize what I saw. It was too late to get out and look for the animal. So I stayed in the warm truck a little longer until my parents started moving around camp. I looked all over the campsite for any prints but found none. It had rained a day before and the ground was somewhat wet, but I was unable to leave a footprint myself. I even tried jumping to make a print. I weight 150 pounds. My father made comment that something was making noise all night by the creek. He thought it was probably a porcupine. I asked my husband if he saw anything and he did not (heís not the most observant person).

ALSO NOTICED: My dog and I were alone at the campsite for 2 hours the day before. I felt like I was being watched.

OTHER WITNESSES: Only me. I just woke up.

OTHER STORIES: Nothing other than what is posted on BFRO.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 5:30am Dawn. The sun was just starting to rise. It was light enough to see across the camp. Temperature was in the mid 30s. It did not freeze the night before. Turned into a beautiful, clear day.

ENVIRONMENT: National Forest. There is a clearing for a camp site. Surrounded by pine & aspen trees. There is a small creek. Just past the creek is an open meadow.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Brooke Raser:

I spoke with the witness at length, verifying the order of events and the location. I found her to be very credible. Her recollection of events during the interview matched her submitted report. Her dogs' actions were most notable, as the usually outgoing dog was staying close by wanting attention instead of roaming. There was also a rustling in the bush the night before.

The height of the creature was described as approximately
5'8"-5'10" and slender in build. She once again told me how fluidly the creature moved compared to her husbands' movements. There were no neck features giving a "hoodie" look.

The area has ample water and food sources, including but not limited to squirrels, turkey, and various plants that produce berries in the spring and most of the summer.


Editor Comment (Matt Moneymaker):

This report was originally categorized as Class A. It was subsequently re-categorized as Class B because it was a fleeting glimpse. Class A sightings are those where there was a long enough and clear enough observation to eliminate any potential for misinterpretation. A clear sighting doesn't eliminate the possibility of a lying witness, or a third-party costume hoax, but it does eliminate the most common cause of a false report -- misinterpretation.

About BFRO Investigator Brooke Raser:

Brooke is a PA native who has spent most of his life in the Rocky Mountain Region, and participated in the Colorado '05 and Washington '06 Expeditions. He organized Wyoming Expedition 2008 which included a class A encounter, followed by a class A encounter at Colorado Expedition 2008. Currently he is organizing the upcoming Wyoming Expedition 2009. His interest of Sasquatch began as a boy with his Father reading the "Classics" to him on the porch at night.