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Report # 2446  (Class B)
Submitted by Stewart Nash on Saturday, July 31, 1999.
Witnesses hear, smell, and feel something large moving & walking right next to them

YEAR: About 1979

SEASON: Unknown

PROVINCE: British Columbia


LOCATION DETAILS: The incident occured on the Suskwa River about 4 kilometers above the mouth where it enters the Bulkley River. This is about 12 kilometers from Hazelton in northern British Columbia.

OBSERVED: This account is from an interview with B. O. of South Hazelton:

Before going to bed this particular night, my wife and I couldn't find our dog anywhere. He had been barking at night the past few evenings, mostly just over the little ridge. About midnight, my wife got up to go to the outhouse a short way from the back door. She didn't take a flashlight because it's so close to the house. It was very foggy out and on the path she heard something move right next to her and she smelled something very bad. She said she could have touched it, it was so close. It started to move away and she ran back in the house and jumped in bed, half screaming. She was too scared to scream out loud and that scared me. It made the hair on my neck tingle. I got up and got my gun and a flashlight and went outside but with the thick fog, I couldn't see anything. I heard it walking though and I smelled it. It sounded like it was walking on two feet. I went toward my dad's place about a quarter mile away and I could here it making noises. Like a low screeching. I went back in the house and was pretty scared. The next morning, I went out to look for sign but couldn't see any tracks. It had stepped over a barbed wire fence and broke it. The nails were pulled out of the fence posts. I couldn't find any hair on the fence. Later that day, Dad told me that he went to go to the outhouse late last night and started to open the door on his little trailer and something was holding it from opening. He got scared thinking it might be a grizzly and he didn't have a gun, so he got his hammer, that's all he had, and whatever was holding the door went away. He said he didn't go to the outhouse.

Bob Titmus used to live about 8 kilometers from us. He came over to my wifes folks quite often and visited. All he talked about was bigfoot. He moved away before this happened. We found our dog down at my wifes folks place the next day, about 4 kilometers away. Pat Baker used to live in this same area and he saw a track at one time that he thought might have been a bigfoot. Even today when I think about that night, the hair on the back of my head just bristles. It was pretty scary.

OTHER WITNESSES: Both were lying in bed.

ENVIRONMENT: The area is heavily forested with a lot of undergrowth and is relatively flat with a few small ridges. It is about 1200 feet above sea level.