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Report # 2424  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Dean Pelletier on Tuesday, December 23, 1997.
Strange sounds heard at summer camp; animals reported missing

YEAR: 1973

SEASON: Summer

PROVINCE: British Columbia



OBSERVED: I'm a 34 year old father of two and a co-owner of a successful poultry service company. I have never been hospitalized for any illness, mental or physical. Having said this I will tell you a true story.

In the summer of 1973 my parents sent me to a summer camp for kids in Langley, British Columbia ,Canada, which is a now a populated suburb 30 miles SE of Vancouver on the Washington BC [CAN/US] border. But in '73 it [Langley] was just a small ranching/farming community with a lot of undeveloped bush. South of the town was where the camp was located, near the border.

The first planned activity at this camp was a over night hike in a provincial park [which than was called Sasquach park but since been renamed Cambell River park] across the road from the camp.

About one hour into the hike we came upon a man on a horse, who may have a park warden but I'm not sure, he said he wanted to show us something just off the trail we were on. The counsellor leading us said OK and we followed him [the man] into the bush and came upon a hole in the ground, which look quit old, about 3 or 4 feet deep with small trees sunk into the ground at the top of the hole, that went all the way around it, which maid it look like a cage or cell. The man said that men around the turn of the century had caught a sasquatch in that hole [hence the parks name], and tried to take it back to England aboard a ship. But the beast managed to get lose, and escaped by jumping into the waters just a few miles out from Vancouver, in the Georgia Straits.

When we returned the next day there was a drawing on the bulletin board of a man being chased by a Sasquatch. Wondering what it was about, we were told that one of the counsellors ,while we were gone, had been chased while walking around the back of the camp's property [which was quite large, 50 acres] and had since quit!

The next morning a women, who lived on a sheep farm next to the camp, came to us and said she was missing two of her animals and thought they might be on our property. So one of the counsellors took me and another kid to look for them. We walked to the back of the property where there was a barb wired fence and found some sheep fur covered with blood, on one of the barbs. We were walking back when we heard a roar loader then anything our conditioned brains could reason with. That counsellor left us kids in his dust, tearing off as fast as he could, but all of us ,so mentally panicked, kept tripping over our own feet trying to run faster then we could.

The official story was a bear was lose on the property, so they had close the camp, refunded our money.

To this day I have never really been sure what it was that made that sound, until today, the day I found your web page and listened to the bigfoot screams, now I know, because those screams you have are the EXACT sound I heard. [in reference to recorded ''screams of the bigfoot'' found at

OTHER STORIES: We were told that one of the counsellors, while we were gone, had been chased while walking around the back of the camp's property [which was quite large, 50 acres] and had since quit!

ENVIRONMENT: Small ranching/farming community with a lot of undeveloped bush