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Report # 2395  (Class B)
Submitted on Wednesday, July 17, 1996.
Sighting at night by a group of coon hunters; Screams were also heard in the area

YEAR: 1938

SEASON: Unknown

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Ellis County

OBSERVED: As told to me numerous times by my father (now deceased).

When he was a young man of 18, while on a coon hunt, he and three others encountered what I now believe was a bigfoot type of creature. The witnesses were as I said coon hunting , it was at night, and they had set up a camp fire and waited for the coon-dogs to sniff out a coon.

After about a half-hour they noticed that the dogs were not barking or carring on (as coon dogs do when they find a coon) in fact, the dogs did not leave the men sides. They were real close by the fire acting very scared. About that time they noticed a huge white haired figure standing about 30 or so yards from the fire. It was just standing there watching them. Now my father who lived and hunted in the area all his life, never encountered such a creature before. As the rest of the men. They did not stand around to see what the creature would do, they got out of there as fast as they could. They told other people what they saw, and of course no one believed them. Actually one man who lived in the bottoms , as what my father called them, said that he heard very strange "screams" come from the bottoms, most of the time only at night.

This occured around 10:00pm-11:00pm in May of 1938, near the town of Red Oak, Texas.

I remember My father telling me that they had to go through heavy brush and cross Red Oak Creek to get to the area where the encounter happened. Red Oak, I think, is south or southeast of Dallas, I would guess about 25-30 miles out of Dallas.

There were four witnesses -- my father and some friends. I know that this sighting that I am telling you happened a long time ago, but I thought I would tell you about it anyway. My father was a very honest man who was also a bible thumper, and I know his story to be true. I was interested in this subject of bigfoot for a long time. My father told his story to me alot of times. I remember reading about a white bigfoot in the Lake Worth area back in 1968-69, and it sounds like the same creature my father saw. I don't know if it was seen again since then. Maybe you can fill me in on this, if you have anything. I do have another story about my fathers brother who went back up there to see if he and some friends would encounter the creature, and they did have an encounter with it. If you want that story you can let me know and I will tell you it.

I know you people work out of the northwest, but I thought you might like to know, there are some(or were) of these creatures in northeast Texas.

Follow-up investigation report:

Originally submitted to the Western Bigfoot Society public reports page.