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Report # 2375  (Class B)
Submitted by witness Ron H. on Friday, May 4, 2001.
Two hunters hear strange screams

YEAR: 1998


MONTH: September

DATE: unknown

STATE: Arizona

COUNTY: Yavapai County

LOCATION DETAILS: From Prescott take Miller Valley Road North about 20 miles to Camp Wood turn off. Then go about another 20 miles on dirt road past Camp Wood to South Mesa Road. Go about one quarter mile to the second turn and then turn to the left. Take the faint road for about 100 yards then take the right fork. 200 yards more, you will find a faint road to the right. I was camped at this junction.


NEAREST ROAD: South Mesa Road

OBSERVED: In September of 1998, my son and I were trying to sleep in my camp trailer. We were in the Prescott National Forest, near the Yolo Ranch Headquarters. We were archery deer hunting. We were camped close to another camp with several young men in it. They were drinking and playing music loud enough to keep my son and I awake.

It was about 9:00 PM. Both my son and I heard a peircing scream emanating from the woods behind the camp trailer. I asked my son if he heard the scream and he said yes. I asked if he recognized what it may have been and he said no. We have both been in this area many times and have heard about every animal sound that could be made in the area. Elk, Cougar ( Mountain Lion ), Cattle, Fox, Coyote. etc. This was very loud and peircing and wavered slightly. It happened three or four times and we could not identify what it was.

Apparently the people in the other camp did not hear it, as they continued with their party and nothing was said by any of them about it. Whatever it was sounded as annoyed with the disturbance as we were. I didn't think much about it being Bigfoot because I had never heard of any sightings in Arizona before checking you web page.

I think I had another encounter with one in Mississippi in about 1973. Should I submit another story?

OTHER WITNESSES: My 19 year old Son, and we were in bed trying to sleep.

OTHER STORIES: None that I have heard

TIME AND CONDITIONS: About 9:00 PM. Dark, Clear night.

ENVIRONMENT: It took place in a pine forest with scrub oak and juniper. The mountains had rocky cuts, and granite boulders. This encounter took place close to the Yolo Ranch Headquarters.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Richard Hucklebridge:

I talked with Ron H. tonight, and he informed me that he had turned in two reports, one on a putrid smell and the other on a hair-raising screaming sound. Ron is an outdoors person and is aware of things that are out of place, like the strange smell situation he encountered in Mississippi and the strange sounds that he and his son heard in their Arizona hunting camp.

Ron said that the screeching sound was something that he had never heard before, it made the hair on the back of his neck stand up, and was defiantly heard over the party that was going on in the next camp. Ron best described the, screaming sound as between a lady screaming and a mountain lion scream. But, also there was this lower pitch noise that was incorporated within the wavering scream. Ron also stated that the screams were much louder than the noise that was going on in the next camp, and the sounds were coming about one hundred yards away on the other side of their camp trailer. The following day, after the screams of the previous night, they inspected the area for anything unusual while hunting, but they didn’t see anything out of place.

Ron’s son, who is now twenty-two years old, has subsequently heard on the Discovery Channel a bigfoot sound that was similar to the one that he and his father heard on their hunting trip. Ron and his son have been back hunting and camping in the same area, but have not noticed anything unusual.

See state of Mississippi report #2376, Jackson County, for Ron’s other experience.