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Report # 23411  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, March 19, 2008.
Multiple sightings in daylight outside Shady Spring

YEAR: 2007


MONTH: September

DATE: 28

STATE: West Virginia

COUNTY: Raleigh County

LOCATION DETAILS: In Shady Spring (zip code 25918) West Virginia (Raleigh County).

NEAREST TOWN: Shady Spring [outside Beckley]

NEAREST ROAD: Nearest Highway: US 19 [Specific road name removed by editor]

OBSERVED: On September 28th, 2007, my good friend and I were driving home from a show. We were driving out of Shady Springs through my grandpa’s farm, and like always, were watching for deer. This was a beautiful evening. The skies were clear with only a slight chill in the air – for it was right before dark around 6 or 6:30 in the P.M.

This time we didn’t see a single deer but a HUGE “something,” standing above a hay field about 200 yards away. It really began to catch our attention due to the fact that it was a good 4 feet taller than the fence and standing on two legs. So, in order to get a better look at him, we stepped out of the truck. As it started walking (definitely walking upright on two legs) we noticed that it seemed to be a brown color with fur like a grizzly bear or something to that nature. We then turned and looked at each other and said, “Is that Bigfoot?!” No way, we thought.

My friend and I have always thought that Bigfoot was a joke and a myth so we just stood there and watched him vanish over the next ridge, not even thinking to follow him. We then went on home telling everyone what we had seen – and yes, they all thought we were nuts! However, my mom and my older brother had drove through their about 15 minutes earlier and she told me that when my brother had stopped to look for deer she had noticed something sitting above that hay field. Thinking that it was just a bush or something, they drove on. Now, I believe that whatever I had seen had been waiting on a deer to show up – for the deer are plentiful out here. I know that what I seen wasn’t a bear or a person. I am telling the truth and this is legitimate.

Then on January 21st, 2008, on a cloudy evening right before dark (around 6 – 6:30 P.M) my friend’s older brother, who thought we were crazy, seen something big, black, fuzzy, and walking on its hind legs about 200 yards away just directly across the road where I had seen it in September. This road goes through the valley of two mountain sides and it has been seen on both sides. He said he seen it for a few minutes and then it disappeared over the backside of the mountain.

He then called me and told what he had seen. He said, “I just saw Bigfoot!” There had been a snow storm that had just passed through a couple of days before. There was snow on the ground and the temperature was in the teens. My neighbor and I got a light and the four-wheeler and headed that way to look for tracks or any kind of sign. When we got the top of the mountain, the wind was blowing very hard. This caused the snow to be blown around like grains of sand. We were, however, able to find tracks that we had never seen before. Even though the tracks weren’t perfect due to the wind, they were still very unusual – I am an avid woodsman and I have never seen tracks like that. These tracks were narrow and about the size of a Men’s 8 ˝ shoe size. The stance of the tracks was very wide – far wider than a human.

Then a few days later one of our good friends was visiting from a nearing town and he heard something he has never heard before. That night at our farm somewhere between the hours of 10 and 12, he described the noise as a short, but deep roar. He said that even though it was far away, it was still very load. He has never heard this before and he knows his wildlife.

This next sighting has me WOWED! Since my friends and I have seen these sightings, my mom has been paying close attention to both sides of the mountain to look for that something we had been talking about. On March 18, 2008, a partly cloudy day round 65 degrees, my mom was traveling to the local grocery store around 2 P.M. As she was looking at the mountain side she noticed something huge and black standing on the mountain side about 200 yards away. “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!” she told me.

This time it was on other end of the mountain where the brush is much thicker. She then drove her Jeep Cherokee as far as she could until a gate stopped her. She said that as she was driving her Jeep that way, the huge black creature was covering a lot of ground ON TWO LEGS – not running, but covering a lot of territory. It first was moving horizontally with the mountain side. This would be very hard to do for it gets really steep. Then she said that it suddenly stopped and looked at her and then turned straight up the mountain side right into the thick brush. She told me after that, it disappeared.

So, in conclusion, there have been 3 sightings of the same huge upright creature in the same area only just a few months apart – with a total of 4 witnesses.

OTHER WITNESSES: When I had first seen it my good friend was with me. Then my friend's older brother seen it and also my mom.

ENVIRONMENT: On a mountain ridge walking above a hay field. There is a creek located below the field (swamp area). Seen again on the opposite mountain directly across the road. This side is steeper and is full of brush.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Stephen Willis:

The witness is a 20 yr. old college student. He lives with his family near Shady Springs, WV. He, his friends, and family hunt at every opportunity. Prior to the sighting reported here, he had only minimal interest in sasquatch. His opinion has changed.

I spoke to the witness for approximately one hour. He is credible.

The creature was sighted approximately 200 yards from the observer, up hill from a public road and at the top of a hay field. Near the creature was a barbed wire fence. The fence served to illustrate its size. He stated the fence is about four feet high and the creature was nearly twice as high as the fence. The sighting occurred between 6:00 and 6:30 pm, on September 21st.

The creature was walking away from the witness, appearing to be brown in color. The field where the creature was seen normally has several deer present at the same time of day, this was an exception.

I asked about the nearest occupied dwelling at the sighting location. He reported from the sasquatch's location, there were two dwellings on each side of it, each over 400 yards distant. In all total, not more than four houses are within line of sight of the creature.

He included friends and family anecdotal sighting information.

About BFRO Investigator Stephen Willis:

Grew up in central West Virginia. Retired from the US Army in 2003. Small manufacturing business owner. Lived for almost 7 years in Germany and 1.5 years in the Mideast.