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Report # 22941  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Friday, January 18, 2008.
Man tells of Grandmother's encounters with shaggy white creature near Scottsville

YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

DATE: 15

STATE: Kentucky

COUNTY: Allen County

LOCATION DETAILS: A few miles outside of Scottsville, Kentucky taking the old Glasgow Road until you turn right onto Durham Springs Road. About a mile up this road all along this area there have been sightings-even one in 2007.

NEAREST TOWN: Scottsville, Kentucky

NEAREST ROAD: Durham Springs Road

OBSERVED: My late Grandparents owned a home outside of Scottsville, Kentucky for many years in Allen County. The area has always been well-known for sightings of the "monkey man" as he is called there throughout this area of Kentucky (Monkey Man Hollow). The first sightings began back in the old pioneer days. This story is true because my late Grandmother, an honest woman and Christian, saw one of these "bigfoot" creatures on two seperate occasions both at night time. I was there during one encounter she had as well. This creature would come into their front yard at night and lean up or kneel down against a large beech tree in their front yard. She described the creatures as standing tall and upright, and walking like a man. Both creatures were covered with white, and somewhat curly, hair all over. I thought they may be older ones of these creatures because of the white hair. The creatures just got up and walked away on two feet just like a person would do back into the woods. Also, a friend and neighbor who lived down the road from them saw a Sasquatch one time leaning against a fence post in his front yard across a road in broad daylight. He has told this story to lots of people many times, and always the same way. When his dogs gave chase to the creature, tall and upright like a man with brown hair all over, just leaped over the fence and walked away into the valley below.
Although I haven't seen one of these creatures, I did hear screaming sounds like a woman would make one night when I stayed overnight with them. It woke us all up. Trust me, this eerie sound would make your hair stand on end, and this was no ordinary animal sound either. They always told me that it was just that "thing" that lives in the woods. Many people throughout the years have seen these creatures all across the Allen County area. This story is absolutely true and accurate to the best of my ability. These creatures are real!

ALSO NOTICED: Yes, several UFO sightings and bright lights in the sky have been seen. My late Grandparents even had a very sick dog, unable to walk, to simply "vanish" one day from their back porch. Nothing, not even a trace, of this dog was ever found because we searched for several days in a very wide area around the property. I know for sure that this dog incident is true because I witnessed it.
I also heard howling screams on another occasion.

OTHER WITNESSES: Three, although I only heard the creature(s) late one night.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, many strange occurances in this area for many many years. Animals killed and just tore the cattle's bodies to pieces. Strange sounds in the night as well.


ENVIRONMENT: House surrounded primarily by heavily wooded area. Large creek runs approximately one-half mile behind the area. Lots of farm land and wooded areas. Barren River Lake to the East about 3 miles.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Harold Benny:

I spoke with the grandson by phone and found him to be credible. Although he has heard howling screams from the timber, he has not seen the creature. His grandmother had seen it twice in her own yard. Both times it had white shaggy hair. He was present the second time when his grandmother had a gun and was going to shoot at the animal from the front doorway. Concerned for her safety, he pulled her into the house without taking a look for himself. He was 46 years-old at the time. His grandmother passed away in 2004.

About BFRO Investigator Harold Benny:

Harold Benny holds two degrees in Zoology and was a Biology teacher for several years. He participated in the following BFRO expeditions: Michigan UP 07, Arkansas I 07, Arkansas II (Oklahoma) 07, N. Florida 08, Missouri 08, Tennessee 09, and Ohio 09. Harold has organized several private Illinois expeditions and in 2006 recieved the IDNR Volunteer Of The Year Award as part of the Montgomery Co. Hunter Education group.