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Report # 2285  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Matt T. Hobrath on Friday, September 19, 1997.
Boy sees "Bigfoot" in the woods while looking out the car window

YEAR: 1984

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: April

STATE: Virginia

COUNTY: Wythe County

LOCATION DETAILS: Wythe county Virginia near Wytheville, looking at the map I guess this sighting was in the Jefferson National Forest area. I remember after crossing over the W. Virginia border about 2 or 3 hours going by before the sighting occured off of I-77. So it would of occured around the border of Virginia and West Virginia.

OBSERVED: It was spring break 1984 and I was 16 at the time. My dad myself and my brother were on this trip to visit my mother in Florida. When we got about half way through Virginia I was just looking out the window, bored of course, then bam!

Just like that I see this large hairy black creature walking in the woods in between the trees about 20 or 30 yards away from the road I believe.

At first I thought I was losing my mind and it didnt make any sense to see something that should not exist. I was blown away. It just walked along un-disturbed by the moving cars.

My younger brother looked and saw the creature moving along as well. When I saw this creature I finally blurted out Bigfoot! My dad had his eyes on the road and thought we were joking or something.

I will never forget that day and as far as I am concerned bigfoot is very much a reality. It looked very much like the bigfoot in the Patterson film almost identical I would say.

The creature was a classic giant ape that looked heavy. About 8 feet tall and weighing upwards of 500 pounds I suppose. It had a very long stride with arms swaying back and forth and its head a little bit lowered, it really did look very similar to the bigfoot in the 67' Patterson film.

The hair was jet black head to toe, I couldnt make out any facial features. I asked my brother about this the other day (he lives in Georgia), he said he saw the same thing but not in the detail I did because we were cruising along at 60mph, but my brother said it was very large, black, stood upright and was moving along.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was just staring out the window of the car in the front seat. My brother was in the back seat just sitting there.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: I'm glad there is a website where I can share my story. I hope many others will continue to do the same thing. There doesnt seem to be anything in the media on this subject anymore, dont know why but it should be brought out as much as the UFO phenomenon. I cant believe a large creature like this can go undetected or caught in this day and age. If I had the money and backing I would put a serious hi-tech search for the creature. Hopefully this elusive man beast will be tracked down
in our lifetimes putting to rest the skeptics and silliness surrounding the bigfoot issue.

ENVIRONMENT: Freeway. Off the Freeway very woodsy, lots of hills and trees. No other landmarks really, not real close to any towns or cities.