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Report # 2168  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Saturday, April 7, 2001.
Two campers hear loud vocalizations

YEAR: 1989

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

DATE: August 13th

STATE: Indiana

COUNTY: Wayne County

LOCATION DETAILS: US 4o to Salisbury road south, approximately 5 miles down Salisbury road in the woods located on the west side of Salisbury road south. We still do a lot of camping in this area and have never heard the noise since.

NEAREST TOWN: Centerville, Indiana


OBSERVED: August 1989 My buddy and I do extensive camping in this area and were raised here. We have heard many strange noises but on this particulary night we were camping in an old corn crib and around 2 pm we heard a very loud growling, hollering noise that woke both of us up from sleep. We both looked at each other in disbeleif but decided not to let that bother us and go back to sleep. Within a few minutes we heard the same noise again, only this time louder and much closer.
We have heard coyotes and screach owls but we have never anything even remotely similar to this sound. The next day while sitting safely in our homes we discussed what we had heard and thought about big-foot but who had ever heard of a big foot in Indiana?
Jay Smith
Mike Davis (2001)

ALSO NOTICED: Everything seemed normal prior to our night time visit.

OTHER WITNESSES: There were just the two of us and we were both sound asleep.

OTHER STORIES: Around 1976 a local family were all riding their dirt bikes in the woods and one of the bikes became disabled so everyone stopped to work on the bike at which time they saw a creature watching them from a distance that appeared to be tall and hairy.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: occured around 2pm at night
Extremely dark (noise was in the woods we could not see anything only the noises we heard and the hair on the back of her necks standing.

ENVIRONMENT: The environment consists mainly of hardwoods with intermittent corn and soybean fields. The woods are mostly undeveloped due to deep ravines. Small
areas of the woods are a little swampy , intermittent patches of pine woods.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jim Osborne:

On talking with the witness he stated that the sound was so loud and disturbing that they decided to leave immediately. They only had one gun, so one held the gun while the other quickly dressed, and then they left. Since posting the report witness has not heard of any recent sightings in the area.