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Report # 16807  (Class A)
Submitted by witness NO - Does not want his info. to be shown on Thursday, November 30, 2006.
Afternoon sighting by couple on Highway 11 outside Latchford

YEAR: 2006


MONTH: October

DATE: 11





OBSERVED: Driving southbound on a fairly busy road looking at the scenery and just noticing a large black movement to the right. Initially I thought a black burnt out tree trunk but the arm swing was the give away. I noticed the movement of the arms in a full motion from front to back. It only lasted about 6 seconds but as I couldn't see it anymore - due to my wifes head in the way. Sounds funny but seconds later as the sighting was sinking in and my mind was trying to figure out what I just saw my wife said" I just saw a saquatch". I immediately stopped and turned around but there was no further sighting.
She said that it looked like a moss man. All clumpy blackish hair with no neck. She only saw it from the waist up also. All we kept saying is how unreal it was to see and how big it was. The arms were massive.

ALSO NOTICED: After returning to the site a couple weeks later to do some research I found that the initial height estimate of the sasquatch was wrong. The trees that were in the area were laying as if the wind had blown them down. The animal was walking through these trees which at most places were three feet from the ground. Standing in the area were it was sighted I could not see the road. When I stood up on the tree trunk then I could just see the road. I am 6 so adding the height of the tree/log that I stood on brought me to about 8 feet at least. At this point you would only be able to see my head and the sasquatch was visible from about the waist and up. The entire arm swing was visible putting this animal at about a height of 10 to 11 feet. That weems unrealistic to me but it is the only way to have seen so much of the animal.
Something else which was interesting. I could not figure why it would be walking there as the area adjacent was void of these fallen timber. When climbing through these trees I noticed a large amount of rabbits/hares running through the undergrowth. I think this is definitely what the sasquatch was going after.

OTHER WITNESSES: Yes, one other.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, there are many stories.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: time was 3 in the afternoon

ENVIRONMENT: Rocky, forested area with marshy bogs in between the high areas. Some logged areas.

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke with the witness ( husband ) at great length over the phone. He spends about 3 months of the year in the bush and has been in areas throughout Canada. Is very familiar with the land itself and the plants and animals that inhabit it.

His own description was as his report depicted. He was amazed at the size and bulk of the creature. Since submitting his report he has visited the sighting area alone and has taken photos and video of the spot where he describes the creature stood and the surrounding area.

He was more than willing to take me to the spot for further investigation in the near future.