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Report # 1665  (Class B)
Submitted by witness M.S. on Sunday, May 16, 1999.
Thirteen and a half inch track found at Fish Lake (near Bluff Creek).

YEAR: 1996

SEASON: Spring



STATE: California

COUNTY: Humboldt County

LOCATION DETAILS: Fish Lake, Humboldt County, Northern California. Nearest Highway would be 96, along the Klamath river.

OBSERVED: I found a 3 toed footprint and a 13/2 inch footprint sometime after 6pm. I have plaster casts and footage of the prints before I made casts out of them. I fell asleep about 9:30 pm. While sleeping I was woken up to noises outside my tent. The first nise I heard were leaves being stepped on but I told myself it's nothing a couple of times. I began to fall back to sleep when I started to hear it again but this time it was louder and heavier.

The thing that started to get me concerned was the fact that I started to feel the vibration in the ground everytime it took a step (I was facing stomach down when I woke up) so I just layed there listening and all of a sudden the noises stopped, whatever was out there was breaking branches on the ground and I also heard a couple of branches breaking on trees. Then the noises started again, by then I ws starting to get scared because for one thing I couldn't see outside my tent and the other thing was that I was alone.

The noises stopped and I made up my mind to get outside, so I started to unzip the inside of the tent, as I did I tripped trying to get outside. By then I got up and turned on my flashlight on, spun around but seen nothing and smelled nothing. Whatever was out there didn't make anymore noise but I knew whatever it is, was still there. I would estimate the noises were less than 30 feet away probarlly closer, that's how close it was. I then grabbed my tent, ran with it to my truck and threw in the back, grabbed the rest of my stuff and I was gone!!!!

ALSO NOTICED: I have read that there was a sighting less than 1 mile from there.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was camping and asleep, there were 2 other campsites being used but 1 of them left around 8:00pm. Where my campsite was at I could not see the other campsites that were being used.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: June 6, 1996, 11:44pm.

ENVIRONMENT: The day was sunny, no clouds were visible and very warm. It hadn't rained for at least 3 weeks. My campsite was about 60 to75 feet away from the water. Artound my campsite there was pinetrees, some other various types and semi brushy in some areas.