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Report # 15610  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, August 25, 2006.
Children see creature emerging from abandoned barn near Caruthersville

YEAR: 1960

SEASON: Summer

MONTH: August

STATE: Missouri

COUNTY: Pemiscot County

LOCATION DETAILS: The house into which we had just moved was about 3-4 miles couth of Currotherville.

NEAREST TOWN: Currotherville

NEAREST ROAD: The house was on a highway 100 meters west of same.

OBSERVED: I was sitting on the front porch of the house into which my family had just moved. The porch faced the state highway which was about 100 metes to the east. The dirt road from the highway to the house was lined to the south with trees. The house into which we had just moved seemed quite old. However, between our house and the highway there was a ranch style brick house toward the north of the dirt road. 50 meters to the south of our house stood a barn with a hog pen in front. The house had a full, flat porch facing the east with four pillars, three steps to the ground and no rail. My 6 year old sister was closest to the barn. My 4 year old brother was sitting on the steps. I was standing next to the steps toward the north. I heard my sister scream and start crying. I looked to the barn as a large creature stood there. It stood a foot taller than the opening of the barn door. It turned toward the east, its' right, and taking long strides steped easily over the hog pen fence. When it got to the corner of the barn it looked south then turned to walk west. Mom came out of the house and told us to stay out of the barn. Later that day I was over by the barn and saw the large foot prints repleat with toe marks. Over the remaining time we lived in that house, through the next spring, we heard loud noises at times coming from the metal grain silos to the west of the barn. Though, we never saw the creature again.

ALSO NOTICED: We had just moved into the house and who knows how long it had been vacant.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2. See details in "What was seen, heard or found?".

OTHER STORIES: Though I was young, I did hear the locals speak of such a creature.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Morning. Clear sky. Sunny. Rain the night before.

ENVIRONMENT: It was farming country with prepared fields. Trees with in the immediate area lined the dirt road leading from the highway. Otherwise the land was wet from rain over the prior days.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:

I spoke with the witness by phone. He is a retired career military man (former 82nd Airborne).

He said the property had been abandoned for some time before they moved in. The sighting lasted approximately one to two minutes and was from a distance of about seventy five yards. The creature was massively built and over seven feet tall. Its arms seemed to hang almost to knee length. When he first saw the creature it was somewhat stooped as it had just exited the barn. When it walked away it did so in a human manner but with a forward leaning, “like someone who had lower back problems”. This should not be misinterpreted as the creature being crippled as the witness also described its walking motion as “fluid”. The creature was hair covered. The hair was dark, almost black, but with a somewhat greenish tint. In a later Email the witness expounded on this coloring. "A friend of mine uses that Grecian Formula stuff on his hair. His hair color isn't exactly black but has a greenish color to it. His hair is the same color as the fellow we saw coming out of the barn." The face was oval in shape, flat and somewhat dark "like a well tanned man". It was lighter in color than the fur. The face “didn’t have a lot of fur on it, it was mostly skin. I could tell the face had a lot of wrinkles”. The head “seemed kind of small for his size”. The tracks found later “long and broad with five toes”. The barn had a hayloft and “it looked like someone could have been sleeping in it”. As the year went into winter “you could hear banging sounds and sometimes howls- not like a dog or coyote, but more high pitched and piercing” . The witness’s mother also saw the creature, but she refused to talk about it. The witness’s mother and sister are still disturbed by talking about the sighting and did not wish to be interviewed.

About BFRO Investigator Tony Gerard:

Tony Gerard is a community college biology professor.