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Geographical Index > United States > Iowa > Decatur County > Report # 1554
Report # 1554  (Class A)
Submitted by witness R.A. on Wednesday, January 31, 2001.
Multiple witness road-crossing sighting near Nine Eagles State Park

YEAR: 2000

SEASON: Summer



COUNTY: Decatur County

LOCATION DETAILS: On one of the hair pin curves on J66, near the wooded area. A lot of farm land in this vicinity, as well as the park, Nine Eagles State Park.


NEAREST ROAD: J66, now Dale Miller Road, and Highway 69

OBSERVED: Driving home one night from a ball game, with my daughter and her friend, I saw something crossing the road. My lights were on high-beam, and I was driving slowly because there are enough wild animals in the area to jump out of no where and they end up getting killed. Just something large, shiny, black, furry, walking across quickly....I knew it wasn't a cow as cows don't normally walk upright and I've seen enough cows on the road to know that normally I have to stop, but I didn't need to stop for this one.


OTHER WITNESSES: Only myself. My daughter and her friend were in the car, but didn't see anything as I didn't mention it to them and put it out of my mind.

ENVIRONMENT: Yes, there are creeks in the area, woods and hills. Farmland.