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Geographical Index > United States > New York > Broome County > Report # 1406
Report # 1406  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, October 3, 1997.
Witness spots legs of a large bipedal creature from a distance of 100 feet

YEAR: 1985 or '86


STATE: New York

COUNTY: Broome County

LOCATION DETAILS: just north of Glen Aubrey

OBSERVED: This occurred while I was just standing enjoying the view of the woods not far from my house, I had my dog with me and I was not actually in the woods myself but across the creek from the woods. Whatever it was, was just a sighting. Nothing was found, nothing was heard.

I saw a bipedal creature from the waist down. The rest of it was hidden by leaves on trees. The legs that I saw were quite stocky and were not bent in any way, The hair was quite long, I would say maybe 4 or 5 inches long. The color was a golden reddish brown.

As I watched, whatever this was appeared to know that I had seen it because it turned slowly and took a few steps and disappeared in the underbrush.

I had been standing there with a grip on my shepherds collar (thank goodness) but the dog never noticed anything. The creature made no noise and was perhaps 100 feet from me across a 4 foot deep creek bed (almost dry).

After this I did not go on this section of the property for about 6 years I have never told anyone about this, I have never seen anything since this one sighting and I will probably never know what it was. I don't think it was a bear standing on two legs because the legs appeared to be too long and too straight up and down..

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Just taking a walk with my dog.

Thank you for having a place where I could tell someone about this.

ENVIRONMENT: Our property is composed of fields that have grown in and woods. A creek runs through the property and where the sighting took place the creek has worn the rock down so the creek bed is a good 4 feet below your feet.

Where I was standing was about 50 yards down from the house, which could not be seen. Also where I was standing the land goes down a slight hill. The area where I was standing I consider part of our lawn and it is mowed. The woods directly across the creek are pretty thick and something could disappear real quick. Our property is in a very rural section of the county.

Across the road from us and off a little way is a large swamp. There is also a large swamp that is at the beginning of the creek but that is a good mile away from us. There is also a creek in the front of our property but that is really just a runoff creek.