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Report # 1363  (Class A)
Submitted by witness Richard.D.M. on Tuesday, September 30, 1997.
strange loud howls heard by retired wildlife biologist on a camping trip.

YEAR: 1994


MONTH: October

DATE: 23

STATE: Colorado

COUNTY: Lake County

LOCATION DETAILS: 12 km south of Leadville at an elevation of about 3000 m MSL on the eastern foothills of Mount Massive south of the Leadville Fish Hatchery.

OBSERVED: A two part vocalization was heard at 01:33 AM MDT, 23 October 1994. The vocalization was extremely loud and sounded as if an enormous man was bellowing. The vocalization was followed by at least one and possibly two response calls. The response calls were of a warbling or yodeling nature. At 01:40 MDT, I heard two strings of high velocity rifle fire from the same direction as the response calls. The area was searched and spotlighted to a distance of 2 Km north and south of our campsite without results.

The incident was reported to Dr. Grover Krantz and John Green who provided me with a recording of an alleged Sasquatch vocalizing near Puyallup, Washington. The vocalizations that I heard were nearly identical to the vocalizations on Mr. Green's Puyallup tape.

OTHER WITNESSES: I was awakened by the cold seeping into my sleeping bag and was fully alert at the time of the vocalizations. The bellows were extremely alarming because I have never encountered any vocalizations like them in my career.