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Report # 13028  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, November 11, 2005.
Two young men have a surprise backyard encounter while watching a meteor shower south of Jasper

YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: January

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Jasper County

LOCATION DETAILS: 9 miles south of Jasper



OBSERVED: Me and my friend Aaron were at my uncles house, we were on the back porch playing darts. We started to notice that there was a lot of meteors. We stepped into the back yard to get a better view. We were facing towards the front yard, I was looking up when I noticed something move out of the corner of my eye, I looked and there was a creature around 5 foot tall running through the front yard, from left side of the yard to the right side, it was not large like most reports, it had muscle definition, black or dark brown hair, no neck ,no hair on the face, chest and stomach area, inside of the arms or palms of the hands. It was going at a slow jog, then it must of smelt or heard us. It slowed down, turning its head while slowing down. then it stopped looked at us for around 3 to 4 seconds. Then it ran towards the dark area of the yard, it ran so fast no man can run that fast. I sat there thinking what was that, I was quiet for a while, I didn't want to say anything and sound crazy, hey i just saw a Bigfoot. I looked at my friend Aaron, he had a strange look on his face and he was shaking his head,he looked at the same spot in the yard. I asked did you see something? He replied yes. I then asked did it look like it was on two legs running up right. He replied yes, then my heart really skipped a beat, not only did I just see something , but my friend did to. My uncle did not see the creature, he said yaw didn't see anything yaw just messing with me. After that we went inside, nothing else happened, we continued to talk about what we had saw . My uncle said that we are crazy.

ALSO NOTICED: Yes,my uncle has things like limbs hit his house years before we saw the creature,and the limbs couldn't hit his house if they fell out of a tree because the closest tree is at least 25 to 30 yards away from his house, I have been at his house when large objects would strike his house, and my uncle has had something knock the chairs off of his back porch, and had one thrown against his back door late at night. He said that one night something large chased him and his daughter in the woods behind his house, they were trying to get his daughters cat ,which was in the woods going crazy. The cat was in a tree screaming. then what ever it was chased them up the hill.

OTHER WITNESSES: My friend Aaron saw the creature, he says he saw it, and could tell it was on two legs. he said he couldn't really see any real good details, he only saw it when it was running away from us. He was star gazing before the thing ran out.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night time, front yard has large pole light, lights up the whole front yard, backyard where we were at is dark, creature ran through front yard.

ENVIRONMENT: Pine and oak forest, rolling hills, creek bottoms, thick wooded area. There is a large tower by highway 96 and some storage buildings.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Sybilla Irwin:

After speaking with this witness on numerous occasions these details can be added:

• The approximate viewing distance was 30 yards. Length of observation: 20 to 25 seconds. The creature was first seen in a slightly hunched over jog. It slowed down, possibly as it detected the witness, and came to a complete stop. The creature did not have much of a neck and it pivoted at the waist to look at him. The witness reported that it never looked aggressive but rather had a surprised look on its face. It looked at the witness for several moments.

• The creature rapidly covered 75 yards in a matter of seconds. The witness commented multiple times on the speed, agility, and distance that it covered stating that no man could possibly do what he witnessed the creature do that night.

• These details can be added to the creature’s description: Height of five feet, possibly taller. Weight approximately 175lbs. Its face was small for the size of its head. The eyes were small, with a turned up nose. Its forehead stuck out slightly just above the eyes. Ears were not observed. It was stocky and muscular and gave him the impression that it was very strong. It had very wide shoulders and a large flat chest that did not taper at the waist. Its thighs were “huge” and its arms were long. It had thick, black hair that did not look matted or nasty. The hair was generally 2” in length all over. Its skin was dark where the hair was thinner on the face, chest, inside arms, palms, and stomach. It had the smell of wet dog combined with the strong smell of a skunk.

• Large sticks have been thrown against the house. Patio furniture has been thrown against the back door and grunts have been heard. A week after I spoke to the witness he reported that a friend of his had stepped outside to smoke a cigarette when he heard a low guttural growl that was felt as much as heard. When his friend walked around the corner where he had heard the growl, something ran rapidly away through the darkness. Activity increases in the cooler winter months.

• This artists sketch was created using feedback from the witness who said it is very close to what he saw that night.

About BFRO Investigator Sybilla Irwin:

• Bachelor of Arts Degree from Texas A&M University

• Self employed Artist

• Professional stained glass artist and teacher.

• Professional Artist

• Fine artist. (Oils, pastels, & watercolor) Wildlife, Portraiture, Landscape, and sketches of Sasquatch for investigators and witnesses.

• Attended Texas Expedition 2008, Colorado Expedition 2008, Oklahoma Expedition 2008 and numerous private expeditions. She has attended: Michigan UP Expedition 2009, Utah Expedition 2009,Wyoming Expedition 2009, Colorado Expedition 2009 attended the Oklahoma Expedition 2009. In 2010 she attendee BFRO 'Investigator Only' expeditions in Texas and Colorado. She attended the
Colorado Expedition 2011. She Co-lead the BFRO's first all female expedition held in November Texas Expedition 2011. She lead and organized the recent Texas Expedition 2012.