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Report # 1294  (Class B)
Submitted by witness on Tuesday, November 26, 1996.
Brushfire fighters find and photograph large track in remote area on the northside of Lac Seul

YEAR: 1996

SEASON: Summer




LOCATION DETAILS: In the forest about 1 mile north of the kilometer 74 sign on the Vermillion River Road north of Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada. Sioux Lookout is a town about 400 km north west of Thunder Bay, Ontario and it is visible on most world maps. If you get a detailed map of northwest Ontario, the sighting was on the north side of a large lake called LAC SEUL. The logging road turns off the Highway 27 miles northwest of Sioux lookout and then the road goes pretty well straight north. There are signs every kilometer showing the distance. Kilometer 74 is about 2 kilometers before the root river, which should also show up on a detailed map of the area.

OBSERVED: Several of my co-workers came across a huge footprint in the middle of nowhere. They were fighting a forest fire, which is our summer job. They came across a foot print in some dry mud that was huge. They took a few pictures of it and even had a tape measure with it.

[See this database entry in a few weeks for photograph of track.]

OTHER WITNESSES: Patrolling for smudges and looking for smoke and burning material to extinguish.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was mid July, 1996 and it was a hot day. It had rained for a few days earlier so that the fire was cool enough to respond to action against it. The fire # was Sioux Lookout Fire # 70.

ENVIRONMENT: Boreal forest in the middle of the wilderness except for the logging road.