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Geographical Index > United States > Vermont > Chittenden County > Report # 1178
Report # 1178  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Monday, March 15, 1999.
Stranded motorists observe white creature near Colchester

YEAR: 1984

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: November

STATE: Vermont

COUNTY: Chittenden County

LOCATION DETAILS: Colchester,Vermont Route 2

NEAREST TOWN: Colchester

NEAREST ROAD: Vermont Route 2

OBSERVED: Nov. 1984 between 12:00& 1:00AM The night my niece was born.There was a snow storm, my brother-in-law had a custom car and wanted to go home to milton to switch to his older car because of the sudden snow. My husband, brother-in-law, nephew 3yrs old & myself, drove from milton, we were headed to my house in Winooski. we got as far as Clochester when the snow got real bad and the car slid into a ditch,my newphew began to cry&scream, so we flaged down a truck to bring me&my nephew to my house to call a tow truck. I Left my husband&BROTHER-IN-LAW in Colchester. My husband said while they were waiting they started to hear noises in the woods, like trees breaking,than they heard something that was coming in thier dirction but the it was stomping on two legs they could breaking trees,coming closer,my husband is a hunter and he said you could tell it was walking on two legs they backed away from the side of the road to the other, couldnt run because the road was to slippery
and they only had on sneakers. meanwhile it kept on getting closer, it was starting to part the trees when the tow truck came and they heard it running back into the woods breaking every thing in its path My husband was very scared , they both were &told me what had happened. I HALF believed them.
The next day I drove threw the same place & looked around as I drove I saw fields and woods and thought that it looked to peaceful and really thought they were nuts. I HAD TO PICK UP MY HUSBAND IN MILTON. I had my daughters with me 10 and 13, I WAS PREGNANT at that time, anyway I got to Milton ,latter that night we headed back to Winooski, well wouldnt you know it, it started to snow realy hard like the night before and it was 12:00am.

We started to go threw the same spot as the night before and I started to tell my husband about me looking around earlier and that there was nothing ...... When there it was, it just crossed the road and started to go up a hill ,it was staring at us with one foot on a wire fence holding the wire down with its arm and just staring at us, it was not brown but white with yellow dirty streaks and his eyes, oh how they scared me, they were reflecting a yellow/amber color like the yellow on causion lights, huge man, it was at least 10 ft. tall arms very long ,his fur was long, on his face the only flesh part that didnt have fur was his eyes,upper cheeks. My husband started to slow down to get a better look, thats when I freaked out and started to hit my husband because I was so scared & my girls were screaming so we kept on going I just kept on thinking about its eyes and was afraid so we wandered if they know its there and we dont want to get shot looking.

ALSO NOTICED: since we saw it I CANT HELP but wonder if they are like jack rabbits brown during the sumer and white in the winter because of the snow storm each night it made it impossible to find tracks

OTHER WITNESSES: 1st night we ran of the road into a ditch. The next night we were on our way home.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 12:00-12:30am