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Report # 11632  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, May 8, 2005.
4' - 5.5' upright animal seen crossing dead-end road

YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Spring



STATE: Arkansas

COUNTY: Union County

LOCATION DETAILS: A quarter mile before reaching 167 North, on Calion Road, turn right onto Victory Dumas and drive 500 yds to the dead end.



OBSERVED: My friend and I were on a vacant road (Victory Dumas)directly off of Calion Road in El Dorado, AR. We were sitting on the tailgate of my truck just hanging out. I got up to go get my cell phone from the passenger's seat and was about to open the door when I glanced up. I saw a creature, about 15 yards away, standing upright about 4 to 5 feet tall on the left side of the road. With great speed, it ran across the narrow road, and paused when it got to the other side without looking at me. It took off into the woods. When it did so, my friend jumped off of my tailgate, not seeing (only hearing it) and asked "What was that?" I said "I have no idea" and then I told her to get in the truck. When we got in, I told her that I saw "something that didn't appear to be human but was running upright." It appeared to be dark brown or black in color and looked to be covered in hair. It was hunched over, yet very quick. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like that. We sat in the truck for 5 minutes out of fear. I gassed it and left the road quickly. Do you think this may be a young sasquatch? After all it was only 4-5 ft. tall.

ALSO NOTICED: small stature, hunched over, covered in fur

OTHER WITNESSES: 2 witnesses- 1 saw and heard , 1 heard Talking...


The lighting conditions were not great but objects could still be clearly seen. (dusk)
weather conditions-clear and dry

ENVIRONMENT: pine forest on either side with a sewage pond about 200 yds away

Follow-up investigation report:

On site investigation and interview conducted by Jaylee D while working with Teresa H of the BFRO.

I talked to the witness this afternoon (May 9th) for about 15 minutes. He seems like a really nice sincere young man, and answered my questions freely. He said that he and his friend had driven down this road, which is asphalt and had backed into a small turn-around where there is a locked gate that leads into an area with a pond. He said they were sitting on the tail-gate of the truck which was facing toward the woods. He said they had been sitting there talking for a while when he decided to get his cell phone and his friend's drink (cola) out of the cab of the truck. He said he walked up to the passenger door and just as he reached for the door handle, movement at the edge of the road in front of the truck caught his attention. He said when he looked up he saw this "thing" cross the asphalt road from left to right, go across the ditch and head into the woods on the right side of the road. He said that just before it went into the woods, it hesitated then took off out into the woods the way it was headed. He said that as far as he could tell, it never turned to look at him it seemed to be set on getting across the road and into the woods.

He estimated the height at 5 to 5.5 feet, shorter than he is, with a stocky build especially in the upper body area. The color was a very dark color, he called it dark brown or black. He said as it ran, it seemed to be sort of hunched over but that didn't slow it down. He estimated the distance from the truck to where it crossed the road at 15 yards. He said when it ran into the woods, his friend heard it running, jumped off the tail-gate and asked him "What was that?" He told her he had no idea, but they needed to get in the truck. They sat in the cab of the truck for a few minutes wondering what to do while he described what he had seen to her, and they decided it was time to get out of there so they took off.

He said that he didn't notice any facial features, but he could tell that it was covered in fur or hair. He couldn't remember about arm length or shape of the head. He said it was across the road in a couple of seconds. He said that the animal didn't make any type of noise as it crossed the road, the only noise they heard was as it ran into the woods. He also said there was no type of odor during the encounter. I asked him if he would be willing to go back out there and he surprised me by saying that he went back out there the next day (Sunday) to look around. He said they looked all around where it crossed the road and looked at a creek bank that's beside the road. They saw a lot of deer tracks but nothing that they thought might be related to the animal crossing the road or being along the creek bank. He apparently has told quite a few people about this. As we were talking on the telephone initially, there were people around him and he even said "it's a lady with the BFRO calling about what I saw."

We went out there this afternoon and looked around for over an hour and one half. It appears there has been a lot of traffic out there in the past couple of days and there were shoe prints everywhere. It rained a bit last night (Sunday May 8th) and there has even been traffic and people walking since the rain. I measured off 15 yards from where his truck would have been parked and checked both sides of the asphalt road, plus up and down this road on both sides. There were some trail type indentations in the grass but the only tracks I found were deer and what looked like coyote tracks. I never saw anything that I would consider a bigfoot track. We walked down this creek bank both ways from the site and only saw deer and small animal tracks.

There is quite a bit of area where tracks would show up on the sides of this road. There are gravel/sand shoulders on the road in places and a couple of driveway type areas that lead to gates that go into the ponds. This is where we saw all the vehicle tracks and shoe prints, some that looked like they happened today (Monday May 9th). If there is something out there and it crosses in one of these spots, footprints should show up clearly.

Further updates and photos of the area may be added as they become available.

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