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Report # 11389  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Thursday, April 21, 2005.
Young man tells of childhood experiences

YEAR: 1993


MONTH: November

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Cass County

LOCATION DETAILS: About 3-4 miles from hwy 59 on a dirt road back then, now slightly paved. Minimum Traffic flow on the dirt road.


NEAREST ROAD: Hwy 59 3 miles out from house

OBSERVED: It was about 1:00 - 2:00 A.M. in the morning, I woke up to go to the bathroom, when I woke up I happened to look towards the window and I saw this huge figure standing on our front deck. There was a security light outside so it made it more visible to see. I knew that it was not a person my father is 6'3 and that creature was much taller and more broad shouldered. I did not see his actual body just the outline mostly through the window.It was just huge, and I was too scared to walk to the window and look out, I just layed down on the pallet I had made earlier that night while I was watching movies. I have noticed strange events occuring around our property, such as our ducks had ended up dead, heads had been completely torn off, and on the way to the pond in the pasture was a dead cow with most of its insides torn out. Now we did smell rotten odors, but we brushed it off as being water moccasin's because they do have a terrible odor when near by, and at the time did not think anything of it. We also raised horses but nothing had really disturbed them. I was about 7 when this happened so I was terribly frightened. And a few days after the event I was out back and I looked into the feild and saw something large walking on two hind legs I would guess about 100 meters away. I know it was way too large to be anything human. Ever since then I have been scared to go out into the country at night anymore.

ALSO NOTICED: That night I did not hear anything, but mom had told me she heard screams at night times thought is was a panther cry, but I came to this website and let her hear some of the soundclips, she said it was identical. ( she heard the clips recently)

OTHER WITNESSES: Mother was asleep on the couch. Never woke up. Too scared to move when I saw what I saw

OTHER STORIES: I have heard of incidents when I got older, from friends who said they say something that had attacked her grandfather in Avenger,Texas on the way back from church one night riding his horse, and while they had been camping and also the incidents in miller county arkansas.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night 1:00 - 2:00 A.M.
Next couple of days to find animals dead.

ENVIRONMENT: Extremely wooded, about 2 miles down the road small creek and at that time of season heavily marshy and mostly flooded, cow pasture to the left and behind the house. Closest neighbor was about a mile from us. Very eerie place at night time.

Follow-up investigation report:

I talked to the witness about the incidents that he described in his report.

The witness told me that he was extremely frightened to see the very large figure on his deck. Upon seeing it, he immediately ducked down on to the "pallet." (A "pallet" in this context is a regional colloquial term to indicate a bed of blankets on the floor).

Even though the witness was quite young at the time, he knew that the figure was much larger than his father, who was no small person.

Later, the witness saw something large and bipedal in the field. Also, the family found several ducks and chickens killed in a peculiar manner over the next few months; a distant neighbor's cow was killed and gutted.

The witness said from that time on, he was terrified while living "out there," and was relieved to move away a few years later.

The witness stated that weird screams were heard from time to time, but his parents always told him that the source of the sounds was "panthers." (I know from my own experience of being originally from this area that it is quite common there to attribute unknown night time vocalizations to "panthers," having heard the very same explanations from my own parents).

The witness said that he recently drove down the same road, and it is still much the same in the area, except that the road now has an oil top.