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Report # 1113  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, January 5, 2001.
Northeast Washington resident sees a bigfoot looking in the window

YEAR: 1981

SEASON: Summer



STATE: Washington

COUNTY: Stevens County

LOCATION DETAILS: Area is located off Onion Creek Road.

NEAREST TOWN: Colville, Washington

NEAREST ROAD: Onion Creek Road

OBSERVED: In late June/early July (before the 4th) of 1981. I was staying at a friends home in the Colville Washington area. I was sleeping on the floor near the window, in the downstairs bedroom of my friends home. The windows are tall and narrow grouped three below and three above with a heavy wood beam dividing them. the second set of windows are 7-8 feet from the outside ground. I awoke to the sound of a loud grumbling/humming type noise, hard to describe and unlike anything I had ever heard before.

I looked up and saw something looking in the upper window. I saw a shoulder and arm and side of hand as if someone were cupping it to look in. I saw only an outline, but the head was large with wide neck and broad shoulders, arm looked very muscular. I was terrified, trying to wake my friend who was in a nearby bed, A .30-06 was located on the other side of the room where she could reach it, but I could not and I was too scared to go for it. My friend did not fully wake and see this incident, but mumbled something about it possibly being a drunk neighbor who sometimes came around. My friend rolled over and went back to sleep. I had met this neighbor previously and he was about 5'11, and very skinny, this was not the neighbor. In order to see into this window the "thing" would have to be very tall, at least seven feet tall and there is no object outside for it to stand on. The "thing" looked in for about a minute ( I am guessing at the length of time, I was very frightened) , then left, I heard it walking outside around the side of the house. I heard it walk into the woods and resume making the deep singsong type humming sound. When my husband and friends husband returned from their nightshift at work the next morning, we looked for prints or any indentations and found nothing as the dirt was packed hard. I know this was not the neighbor, but cannot say for sure what it was, only that it was big and I was very frightened.

ALSO NOTICED: October of 1984 or 85. We now owned a cabin about a quarter mile from home mentioned above. One evening between 11:30-midnight, I let our puppy out for walk and was standing on the porch waiting for it to do it's business. I heard a scream, not a cat, not any animal I have heard before. The dog freaked out and ran into the house and would not go back out. I heard two or three scream altogether. I was not scared as it did not seem close, but I went back into the house.

OTHER WITNESSES: Self, friend was present, but half asleep and did not see what I saw.

OTHER STORIES: Heard stories about various sightings in the area, but nothing specific and all second hand.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Aproximately 2:30 am. Clear night with partial moon.

ENVIRONMENT: Incident took place at a friends home located about 45 minutes from Colville. Property is located near the Colville National Forest and Colville Indian Reservation. Area is heavily treed with Pondersa Pine, Fir and dense underbrush. This particular home has a visible yard, flower garden and driveway. Nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away.