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Report # 1108  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, January 5, 2001.
Bigfoot sighted in Stony Lagoon south of Orick,Ca by two men camping who were so frightened they left in middle of night.

YEAR: 1975

SEASON: Summer


DATE: 3rd wk

STATE: California

COUNTY: Humboldt County

LOCATION DETAILS: Stony Lagoon South of Orick,Ca is 1/4 mi west of coast hiway and is a well known camp ground.(now!)


NEAREST ROAD: 1/4 Mi.west of coast hiway

OBSERVED: A friend and I were on our way to mouth of Klamath River area to fish on friends boat and pulled off hiway at ,Stony Lagoon, approx 3-4 mi So. of Orick, Ca. We went west over a small hill and down to a camping area almost on the beach,passing through 200'-300' of brush and trees. We parked our m/cycles 10 or so feet apart and built a sml fire and unrolled our sleeping bags,There was a very bright moon out over the ocean west of the beach.About 100'west of us & 30'or so ft from the water a large humanlike form was trotting or bouble timing So.down the beach.My buddy yelled at him/it to come join us .He kept on going.We took our flashlite and went down to the beach.Don't know what made the prints but theylooked to be at least 6" wide and at least 12 if not 14" long.Maybe longer.We went back to the fire and my friend heard noises in the brush behind us.He shined the lite in the brush and said he saw eyes.We rolled our bags and lost no time leaving.The prints in the sand were a good 10' apart

ALSO NOTICED: My buddy said that when he shined the flashlite into the brush or tulies he said he saw eyes shining back at us. The reason we left left. post haste

OTHER WITNESSES: Only other persons or things that had been present had ran down the beach


TIME AND CONDITIONS: moon was 2/3 way across sky.Very brite & casting shadows No clouds and warm. perfect nite for playing kick the can

ENVIRONMENT: Just brush on top of hill and an area 100 ' sq. of tulies on lower west side of hill and a few feet NO.East of our fire.Lots of buckskin logs half buried in sand.Driftwood.Rd had at one time been oiled,but was full of holes then

Follow-up investigation report:

This witness seems very credible. He has spent a lot of time in the woods around this area and up the Klamath because his brother was a logger in the sixties. The witness was articulate and did not sway from his original story as I interviewed him.

The area where he had his sighting has a long history of bigfoot sightings dating back from hundreds of years ago to just over a few months ago.