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Report # 10945  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Wednesday, March 16, 2005.
Passenger has late night sighting along interstate

YEAR: 2005

SEASON: Spring

MONTH: March

DATE: 3/13/2005

STATE: West Virginia

COUNTY: Jackson County

LOCATION DETAILS: We were traveling northbound on I-77 toward the Ohio border, around milemarker 150!

NEAREST TOWN: Near milemarker 150

NEAREST ROAD: traveling on I-77 northbound

OBSERVED: As we were driving...I was watching closely at the roads and conditions, because my wife was driving and I was a bit nervous about that! As we were traveling north on I-77 near the 150 milemarker (I looked after the incident!)...I noticed something up ahead on the right hillside. It was a fairly steep, snow-covered hillside. I thought I saw something that looked like a very big man walking on this steep hill. As I turned my head (we were traveling about 65 we went by quickly)...I could SWEAR I saw this very tall "image" walking from right to left across this mountain side, maybe 30 yards from our car! He(IT) appeared to be covered somewhat with snow, like you would imagine a mountainman who was out in the wilderness hunting would look. But this was 3:30 in the morning! I had a very uneasy feeling and a rather stupid feeling. I still can NOT believe what I'm pretty damn sure I saw! ...and that was EITHER a very tall man, wearing allot of winter gear with either a hooded coat or long hair and a beard that barely glanced in our direction as we drove by....or something else that I would rather not venture to guess upon!


I'm a 47 year old father of four. I am as serious as a heart attack about this report!

I reluctantly submit this and would rather not be ridiculed by anyone that knows that I did.

OTHER WITNESSES: My wife was in the car and driving. I told her half-jokingly and half confused...that I thought I just saw a "bigffot"!


TIME AND CONDITIONS: Approximately 3:30 in the morning traveling north on I-77. Snow on the ground, decent amount of lighting.

ENVIRONMENT: Fairly forested and hilly area.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Pam Lovins:

During my conversation with the witness he stated the subject had very long arms and took long strides. The arms swung "more freely than a typical man's would." The subject was on a very steep hill "walking with NO trouble whatsoever." The subject was 30 to 40 feet uphill, moving across the hill from right to left, approximately 50 to 60 feet from the witness, who was riding in the passenger seat of the car. The subject walked casually and confidently and didn't appear to react to the car at all.

About BFRO Investigator Pam Lovins:

Pam is a health care provider credentialing specialist. She attended the 2005 West Virginia expedition and attended the 2006 Ohio Expedition.