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Report # 10506  (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Sunday, February 6, 2005.
While sitting on relative's front porch, two children have daytime sighting

YEAR: 1983

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

STATE: Texas

COUNTY: Jasper County


NEAREST ROAD: Dont remember the name of the highway

OBSERVED: Back when I was 10-12 years old, my cousin and I was sitting on [a relative's] front porch in Buna, Texas looking out across a field. All of a sudden from the left side of the field a huge man like creature that was covered in hair was running out of the woods across the field, it turned and looked up our way for a second then jump a barb wire fence (with no problem). The fence was running towards the house through the middle of the field...and continued to run in behind the pond. The last thing that I remember seeing was he ducked to avoid a tree limb as he was running into the woods.....The field was 250-300 yards wide and as he ran from side to side was about 100-150 yards off.

[Taken from email correspondence with the witness:] My cousin still gets chills when we talk about the thing we saw. As far as pictures provided by BFRO and other movies and books, that is what we saw. We was both very scared at that time. Wished I would have been older...we could have gotten all kind of footprints in the field. Whatever anyone thinks about a bigfoot being out there, I don't care. I know and my cousin knows there was at least one.

OTHER WITNESSES: My cousin was there, she is the same age as I am

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Right around noon
Weather conditions was clear and plenty of light

ENVIRONMENT: Lot of woods in the area that isn't in much oaks, swamps

Follow-up investigation report:

I spoke to both witnesses at length about their shared, childhood experience. Both witnesses recalled the event similarly, even though I spoke to the one without the other's knowledge.

Both provided bits of information that the other could not recall, such as the month of the incident and the reaction of the adults inside the house, which was initially admonishment and dismissal.

Interviewed separately, the witnesses recalled that they were at the house of a relative during the Christmas holidays. Both recalled that they were sitting on the front porch in the porch swing, when they saw a hair-covered, dark brown, upright, bipedal animal, complete with swinging arms, sprint out of the woods to their left at a distance of about 100 yards or so. The witnesses recalled that the animal was at least the size of a man and probably larger. In addition they remembered that the animal was "very fast." They both told me of how the animal easily and gracefully "hurdled" the fence without breaking a stride, before disappearing behind a pond into the woods. One of the witnesses told me that it scared him "slap to death."

Both witnesses believed the animal to be a bigfoot as soon as they saw it running across the field. They were certain that it was in no way a person. The way that the animal cleared the fence with ease and the speed and agility with which it moved seemed to preclude any notion of a person in what surely would have been a clumsy costume.

When they raced in to tell the relatives, the witnesses were told that what they had seen was most likely just a bear. However, one of the witnesses' parents later remarked that there were areas in the deep woods that people hardly ever went, and it wasn't a great stretch for the imagination to consider the existence of just such an animal.

One of the witnesses told me that it was quite a while after that before he would venture into the woods alone. Without doubt, the encounter changed the witnesses' outlook on the woods and wildlife.