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Monday, April 30, 1973

Young Women Reports Sighting Here: Huge Creature Rises out of Grassy Field.

By Chuck Wheeler
Lancaster, Ca. Daily Ledger Gazette

Article, dated March 30, 1973: Young Women Reports Sighting Here: Huge Creature Rises out of Grassy Field.
All right, if it isn't Bigfoot, then what is it? That big hairy thing has been seen again East of Lancaster, Ca. This time it possibly is responsible for wounding two dogs, and scaring a nineteen year-old girl into hysterics. Also, what about the footprints that have been found in an old reservoir near 110th St. East?
Why did the dogs disappear from beneath Bill Hawkins trailer last Saturday night, a night when the moon was high and clear, bathing the alfalfa fields in bright light? Hawkins stated that he could read his wristwatch by the light. Hawkins of Hawkins flying service told the Daily Ledger Gazette that his daughter Kim Ally McDonald, nineteen, came home Saturday morning at about 2:30 am after babysitting for her Sister in Lancaster.
The home is located at about 115th St. East, just one mile from where three Marines reported to the Antelope Valley Sheriff's Department, March 14. The Marines were quite upset when the Sheriff's office, because they didn't get excited about their story. Hawkins didn't get upset when he called the Sheriff's office and they told him what possibly frightened his daughter was either a bear or a hoax. Hawkins is a cool man. He doesn't get upset vary easy, and he says that his daughter doesn't either. "But, she was that night" Hawkins said, "she was hysterical when she came and pounded on the trailer door to be let in." Hawkins said she had come home as usual and expected the two dogs to greet her. Instead she thought she heard them whining, a plaintive cry, a lamenting moan. She then walked behind the trailer expecting to find the dogs, calling to "Shad", thinking the cries were coming from a grassy area 100ft. away near a telegraph pole, on a night when the moon was so bright her step dad could read his wrist watch clearly expectant the dogs to leap out with their customary friendly overtures, but not to happen that night.
Suddenly from the rustling grass a huge figure arose as if awakened from a sleep, and stood straight up like a man. She described it as being about seven feet tall, almost as high as high as the trailer that she lives in, which is eight feet tall. The girl said that the huge hairy monster stood straight up and was covered completely with hair, except for the face, and without hesitation the thing ran away from her on two legs, further discounting the Sheriffs disclosure that possibly it was a bear. With out hesitation the thing ran away from her, but not at a high rate of speed, she told Hawkins.
" She saw something" Hawkins said, "and she has no fear of the dark or coming home alone." She has lived here all of her life and she is not afraid of the fields and she is not the scary type. Hawkins then got his rifle and patrolled the area for a quarter mile radius until daylight without finding the hairy thing or his dogs, which had run off and did not come home until will after day brake. "It had to be something to make her hysterical," Hawkins said, " so I am going to keep an eye out when I am up in the air with my students.
An article had appeared in the Ledger-Gazette breaking news of perhaps the first local sighting of the so-called, Bigfoot on Friday, one day before the girl's sighting. But, no one in the family had seen the article until the following Tuesday when Mrs. Hawkins attention was called to the article by persons where she works.
Inside the trailer after sighting the hairy beast, or whatever, the girl kept saying , "Big, Big, Big," and the dogs didn't come home. When they did come home they were all disheveled and scared looking. Hawkins says recalling that the morning after the three Marines had seen the creature that the dogs came home bloody and torn up. " I thought they had gotten into a fight with some other dogs and never thought much more about it." Hawkins said, "but now I don't know what to think." He said that the dog's noses, eyes, heads and mouths were cut and bloody. One of the dogs still has a torn mouth on the right side.
At this point, the DLG staff writer Chuck Wheeler brings a new person into this article. This person is a Rich Grumley, 37, of Palmdale, Ca., who is reported to be the President of the California Big Foot Organization. Rich Grumley has made searches for this Bigfoot creature and has taken photographs of large footprints not far from Lancaster. He and the staff writer searched the area and interviewed farmers in the area and then they stumbled onto footprints in an old reservoir, which are wider than a man's foot and the toes undoubtedly belong to a species other than Homo-sapiens. This staff writer goes on and gives Rich Grumley's physical dimensions of Six feet and six inches tall and weighs over 275 Lbs. Then Grumley states what the Marines and the young lady seen was real, but it is not human.

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