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Wednesday, April 4, 1973

Marines Report Bigfoot Sightings:

By Chuck Wheeler
Lancaster, Ca. Daily Leder Gazette

Article, dated March 14, 1973, Marines Report Bigfoot Sightings:
Several days ago three Marines, serious and sober, came into the Sheriff's substation in Lancaster Ca. and, they hurriedly, excitedly poured out a story to the Sheriff's deputies of a huge hairy thing that jumped out in front of their car. The Marines told deputies that they were traveling west on Ave J, about a quarter mile east of 110th St. East, when a huge hairy thing, the shape of a man loomed ominously in front of their vehicle. But, it didn't linger. It turned and ran off into the desert, leaving the startled Marines who had just slammed on their car brakes.
They were still stark white in the face while they told deputies the story that happened earlier in which a big, dark creature that was eight foot tall, that appeared out of no where and had disappeared just as quickly into the alfalfa fields. Sheriff Deputies who went out to the area where the Marines said they had the encounter with a big dark creature, said that the fields were hard packed, so there were no footprints.
Coincidentally, at the time of the Marine incident, which occurred on the 14th of March 1973 at 1 A.M., there was a movie playing at a drive-in theater that was not to far away and called, " The Legend of Bogge Creek." Which is supposed to be an extremely entertaining movie about such a creature of the Bigfoot variety. Speculation could be that if the Marines had seen the movie and thus just about anything big and dark could have looked like the legendary Bigfoot.

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