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Thursday, August 11, 1977

'Big Foot' Attack Draws Searchers

San Antonio News

Members of a group searching for the legendary creature "Big foot" will come here Saturday.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has joined the group in investigating a reported creature described by a youth as being 9-feet tall, hairy, and having glowing red eyes.

The 15-year-old youth, Brian Jones, told authorities the creature grabbed him and ripped off his shirt outside a friend's rural home near here Friday night.

The State Bureau of Investigations is studying the boy's shirt, which authorities said had long coarse brown hair attached to it.

Bob Stamps of Oklahoma City, director of a group calling itself Sasquatch Investigation of Mid-America said he has talked with authorities in the eastern Oklahoma town and is convinced "that there is something there - just what, I don't know."

Stamps and other members of his group will search the area Saturday night, after interviewing persons in the area during the day.

"We believe these people (who have reported a strange creature) are telling the truth and we just want to find out what this thing is," said Adair County Civil Defense Director Tobe O'Neal.

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