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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Strange creature sighted near Sepulga River in Conecuh County, Alabama

By Lee Peacock
Dispatches from the LP-OP

Witnesses reported to The Evergreen Courant earlier this week that they saw a strange, unidentified creature near the Sepulga River on Saturday afternoon.

According to the witnesses, who spoke to The Courant on the condition of anonymity, they were traveling west on U.S. Highway 84 on Saturday when they saw the strange creature between the Herbert and Cohassett communities in Conecuh County, Alabama.

“As we approached Sepulga River, we saw a moving figure run straight across the bridge in front of us,” the witness said. “For a split second, I thought it was a person, running across the bridge.”

The witness said he quickly changed his mind when he was that the creature was “solid black.”

“It ran very quickly with its knees appearing to be bent while it kept its head and upper body very erect,” the witness said. “It jumped over the railing. It raised its arms to the sides as it jumped, and they seemed to be very shaggy.”

The witnesses lost sight of the creature after that, but others many have seen the strange animal around this same time.

“There were cars behind us on the road,” the witness said. “We also saw parked vehicles near the water. Possibly those people saw it too, though I couldn’t say for sure if they did.”

While this story may sound farfetched to some readers, it’s not the first time that a strange creature has been reportedly seen in that same part of eastern Conecuh County.

According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a similar creature was reported near the intersection of U.S. Highway 84 and the Sepulga River on Aug. 10, 2004. The witness in that case reported seeing a six to seven-foot-tall “black, hairy man-like creature” cross the road less than 20 feet in front of his truck.

“It looked very human but had hair hanging down to its hands,” the witness said. “It looked right at me and kept eye contact but just kept running. I heard it crashing through the trees after it ran by. Before that, I had found large footprints near the river and didn't think much of it. Once I saw the creature, I knew it had made the prints I saw a few months earlier.”

The witness said the creature had a “manlike face” and “very long arms.” The witness also said that the creature wasn’t thin, but muscular, and had a wide nose and a conical-shaped head. When it ran, it also pumped its arms, the witness said, also noting that the creature came from the direction of the river and appeared to be wet.

The latest report of a sighting of a strange creature near the Sepulga River comes on the heels of reports in May of Bigfoot sightings in the Clarke County community of Gainestown, which is about 46 miles from downtown Evergreen. Those reports led The Clarke County Democrat newspaper in Grove Hill to request that anyone who had seen a Bigfoot in Clarke County to call or e-mail their office. They also sought any photos that might be out there of a Bigfoot creature in Clarke County.

Here, at The Courant, we are issuing a similar call to anyone who has witnessed a Bigfoot or other strange animal in Conecuh County. Witnesses are invited to contact The Courant by e-mail at or by phone at 578-1492 or by writing The Evergreen Courant, ATTN: Lee Peacock, P.O. Box 440, Evergreen, AL 36401.

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