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Sunday, November 1, 1998

Bigfoot Terrorizes Sussex

By Vashni De Schepper
The College Hill

Strange screams pierced the night, and dogs were sent into a barking frenzy, as an unseen creature prowled the outskirts of Sussex Borough. These nightly screams occurred over a two week period this summer. The creature was usually heard between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. By morning the only evidence left of it's visits were some over turned garbage cans and a few frightened residents.

Due to the bizarre nature of these screams a report was submitted to The Bigfoot Research Organization. On describing the noises one resident said,"It was unlike any other sound I've ever heard before, it was like a mix between a bear and a cow."

Research shows that Bigfoot is mainly a nocturnal creature and capable of a wide range of vocalizations, from grunts, moans to high pitched screams. These vocalizations occur most frequently in the summer and can carry over great distances. In many accounts farm animals and house pets have been known to act strangely when one of these creatures is near.

As in the case of another Borough resident. He said, "When the noises began, my cats started growling out the window. It was very frightening, they've never exhibited behavior like this before, even the neighbors dogs were barking like crazy." Believe it or not Bigfoot is no stranger to Sussex County the first reported sighting was in 1917.

Just two years ago J.D. Grant and a friend were walking on Layton road, in Sussex, near midnight when they encountered a tall shaggy creature with red eyes. It stood near the edge of the road, about ten feet away, and just watched them. Mrs. Grant said, " I knew it wasn't a bear, it was too lean and upright, it was humanoid."

There are at least four other accounts, by independent witnesses, of a tall, shaggy creature with red eyes on this road. Red eyes is also a common characteristic in Bigfoot sightings around the world.

In the 1970's there were more than 50 Bigfoot sightings in Sussex County. The most well known of these is the 1977 encounter on Wolfpit Road, in Wantage. It was said that a tall, shaggy creature terrorized a farm every night for three days. The creature tore the barn door from it's hinges and mutilated several pet rabbits. The creature was also reported to have made screams similar to that of a woman being killed.

In 1975 a forest ranger walking along a Sussex County trail encountered a creature about eight feet tall with red eyes. Another account of Bigfoot occurred near Hainesville. Two men came across a pair of dogs attacking large hairy creature, that was partially submerged in a beaver dam. The men managed to drive the dogs away, and the creature that emerged from the swamp was about six feet tall and covered in hair. The majority of New Jersey Bigfoot sightings occur at night, near swamps, fields or crossing roads. The large stretches of wooded areas in Sussex County, make it a perfect habitat for Bigfoot.

Whether the creature that visited Sussex this summer was Bigfoot or not we might never know, But the residents who heard it's chilling screams will never forget. Video Footage as well as Samples of Bigfoot screams, similar to the ones heard in Sussex, are available at the Bigfoot Research Organization's Website at:

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