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Friday, June 18, 2010

North Carolina Bigfoot: Track found day after Peeler sighting

By Chris Cunnyngham

Another North Carolina man claims to have found possible evidence of Bigfoot only one day after the reported sighting of a 9-to-10 foot tall creature in the woods around Casar.

The evidence: one very big footprint.

Elbert Lowman, of George Hildebrand, claims to have discovered the footprint in the middle of a tractor path on land his brother owns only 16 miles from the reported Casar sighting.

The footprint is 8 inches across at the toes and over 15 inches long. "It was no animal track," Mr. Lowman said. "Something huge made it.

Mr. Lowman contacted a local television show, Rex Allen Theater Presents, that covers local events. Representatives of the show came to the property to take a plaster cast of the imprint. A biologist from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission was also invited out to inspect the print.

No firm conclusions have been reached.

Mr. Lowman decided to come forward after Tim Peeler's 911 call and sighting became public.

Mr. Peeler's sighting has gone nationwide and the Lowman cast will only add to the speculation that Knobby - as the locals call their regional Bigfoot - has returned after a thirty year absence.

If you are in the area and would like to see the print, it is on display at Bows and Ballistics, 8360 Old N.C. 10.

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June 18, 10:55 AM Strange & Mysterious Facts Examiner Chris Cunnyngham

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