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Article submitted by Stan Courtney
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Monday, August 26, 1974

Aurora comes clean . . . it's 'Abominable'

Elgin Daily Courier - News

Geneva - The Abominable Snowman - or his counter-part - has been sighted in Aurora, according to persons here who wish to remain anonymous.

Other Aurorans refer to the "monster" as Big Mo. It is said to be huge, hairy, of dirty white color and with a "peculiar" howl.

Some residents report that dead dogs have been found with their throats torn out.

Others say they have seen footprints similar to a barefoot man but much larger and with longer toes.

The "thing" is supposed to be in the North Lake Street region where there is a tunnel leading to the river.

It is said to have been in the area for about three weeks.

Kane County Sheriff's police say they've had no reports on wild animals or strange happenings.

They didn't seem surprised at the question, however.

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