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Friday, August 30, 1974

'Corn' - fed Monster In Suburb?

By Donna Marx
Chicago Today

Terrified Carol Stream residents called it half human, half ape with red eyes the size of baseballs.

Police in the west suburb call the case closed.

But Robert Calusinski, 23, who worked for two years as a security guard and says he doesn't make up ghost stories, is earnestly searching for the "monster" that went "Whrrrr," socked him in the shoulder, and then disappeared.

Calusinski, of 554 W. Cochise Place, Carol Stream, insisted he was not kidding when he called the police.

They thought I was baloneying them. We aren't lying or making this up. That would be stupid," Calusinski said, and told his story in a voice of genuine terror:

He and his buddy, Gus Fuentes, also of Carol Stream, "were goofing around Monday night in a cornfield, throwing ears of corn at each other. We ran out of ears, so I stepped back to get another ear and I got punched real hard in my right side. I went flying - ran so fast I was wheezing."

Police thought his story a little corny. So, the next night Bob returned with Gus to verify the sighting.

"We heard this noise, like, 'Brrr, Whrrrr,'" Calusinski said.

Then, in the shivery tones of any good story teller, he went on, "It got closer and closer and closer.

"I picked up some rocks and threw them and all of a sudden I saw something dart across the field."

Callusinski described the "something" as 6 or 7 feet tall, with the features of human. But it was furry like an ape and it had sort of like red eyes, the size of a baseball, honest."

Meanwhile, the Carol Stream police filed the report under "suspicious circumstances". We don't have a classification for monsters," a spokeswoman said.

The report describes a loud breathing, hairy beast with fingers, spotted in the western corner of the suburb at Kuhn Road and Thunderbird Trail. The case is stamped "cleared," which means "closed," unless police get a new information.

Calusinski isn't giving up, tho.

"I have explosives and if this thing comes at us again, I'm going to light one and just throw it at him. What the heck, it'll probably terrorize the whole town," Calusinski said.

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