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Tuesday, July 4, 2000

Oregon Man Says He Spotted Bigfoot

By Associated Press

Park Rangers Check Out Oregon Caves

GRANTS PASS, Ore., Posted 1:21 p.m. PDT July 4, 2000 -- Grants Pass psychologist Matthew Johnson insists he's not crazy.

Even when he tells people that he heard, smelled and saw Bigfoot while hiking last weekend with his family at the Oregon Caves National Monument in southern Oregon.

Johnson says that he was squatting in the woods near some backwoods trails when he spotted the creature standing upright about 60 feet away and hiding behind a tree.

Just before the sighting, he says his family detected a pungent, musky scent on the trail and heard some deep, guttural groans in the woods.

Johnson says he ran off to get his family and report the sighting to monument rangers.

Monument superintendent Craig Akerman says that rangers found nothing unusual on Sunday.

But Bigfoot researchers from Northern California spent part of yesterday retracing the Johnson family's steps and found some partial prints in the area.

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Story carried by KOIN Channel 6 News, Portland, Oregon.

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