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Media Article # 434
Article prepared and posted by Stan Courtney

Wednesday, October 23, 1968

The Monster Story

Fulton County Democrat

About 9:30 p.m. Friday evening while driving on the Dutch Henry crossing near Lewistown, three high school boys in a pickup truck had been following their friends who were riding in a car quite some distance ahead of them. All at once the boys in the pick up pulled to a stop as the car they had been following was crossways in the road and the boy was laying in the road as though knocked out.

The boys got out of the truck and were walking toward the boy when someone or something attached them and knocked them to the ground and each time they tried to get back up were knocked down again. The boys said whatever it was did not fight with his fists but backhanded them. At one time the boys did manage to get it down but all at once it knocked them aside with ease.

During this time the other boy who had been on the ground ran for the truck and locked the doors. He said he got a fairly good look and it was not too tall, but very stocky built and seemd to be very hairy. Evidently something scared it away as all at once it was gone. The boys were not harmed but were quite shaken up. The incident was turned in to local police authorities.

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