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Article prepared and posted by Stan Courtney

Monday, March 30, 1942

Mass Hunt For Animal Fails To Solve Mystery

Carbondale Free Press

Mt. Vernon

The mystery of Gun Creek bottoms still is a mystery.

Not even 1,500 Southern Illinois hunters could flush the mysterious animal with a 'wildcat's scream' and "paws like a huge raccoon" yesterday, although they combed the bottoms with shotguns and rifles on the ready.

The object of the mass hunt was blamed last October for an attack on a squirrel-hunting Mt. Vernon minister. Screams like those of wildcats have been reported heard frequently at night. The animal was declared responsible for the death of a dog and was said to make tracks similar to a raccoon "but four times as large."

The affair wasn't without results, however. Merchant J. R. Reed, who organized the hunt, sold out his candy bar, soda water and lunch meat stocks. Some hunters shot a large hoot owl and several crows.

There was considerable others sharpshooting - of the political variety. Practically every Jefferson County office seeker was on hand.

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