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Media Article # 425
Article prepared and posted by Stan Courtney

Wednesday, August 2, 1972

Creatures Not New

Decatur Review

(p. 8, col 1)

To the Editor:

In reference to the creatures people are seeing, I am 76 years old. My home used to be south of Effingham. My two brothers saw the creatures when they were children. My brothers have since passed away.

They are hairy, stand on their hind legs, have large eyes and are about as large as an average person or shorter, and are harmless as they ran away from the children. They walk, they do not jump.

They were seen on a farm near a branch of water. The boys waded and fished in the creek every day and once in awhile they would run to the house scared and tell the story.

Later there was a piece in the Chicago paper stating there were such animals of that description and they were harmless. This occurred about 60 years ago or a little less.

My mother and father thought they were just chldren's stories until the Chicago paper told the story.

Mrs. Beaulah Schroat

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