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Media Article # 293

Monday, July 1, 1793

[Bald Mountain Article]

Boston Gazette

Charleston, S.C. May 17, 1793

A Gentleman on the South Fork of the Saluda river in a letter of the 23rd sends his correspondent in this city the following description on the Bald Mountains in the Western Territories. This animal is between twelve and fifteen feet high, and in shape resembling a human being, except the head, which is in equal proportion to its body and drawn in somewhat like a tarapin; its feet are like those of a negroe, and about two feet long, and hairy, which is of a dark dun colour; its eyes are exceedingly large, and open and shut up and down its face; the hair of its head is about six inches long, stands straight like a negroe's; its nose is what is called Roman. These animals are bold, and have lately attempted to kill several persons - in which attempt some of them have been shot. Their principal resort is on the Bald Mountain, where they lay in wait for travellers - but some have been seen in this part of the country. The inhabitants call it Yahoo; the Indains, however, give it the name of Chickly Cudly.

Bibliographical Information:

Originally from the Boston Gazette, July 1793. reprinted in the Track Record #52

Notes by Scott M.:

I'm attempting to locate the original article, and I'm searching for the Boston Gazette that it appeared in originally so that I may discover if there is more to this article in the form of detail.

The location as listed in the Bald Mountains comprises an area of mountains on the North Carolina, Tennessee border. Several NC and TN counties comprise the Bald Mountains, such as;

Madison County, North Carolina
Unicoi County, Tennessee
Haywood County, North Carolina
Cocke County, Tennessee
Greene County, Tennessee
Yancey County, North Carolina

The article refers to "Their principal resort is on the Bald Mountain", which is the main mountain in the "Bald Mountains" region, and Bald Mountain resides in Madison County, NC.

Also, the quote, "but some have been seen in this part of the country" refers to the South Fork of the Saluda River, near Travelers Rest, SC (Greeneville County)

As noted in the TR#53 the term Chickly Cudly could be an English variant on a Cherokee name, "ke-cleah" (Chick Lay) means hair in Cherokee, and I am attempting to confirm that "kud-leah" (Cooed Lay) means either man or thing. I have heard the term kud-leah in Cherokee before, in reference to a man bear or a bear thing, but I have yet to locate that reference in print.

ke-cleah kud-leah = hairy man/thing

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