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Tuesday, July 19, 1988

Lizard Man' reported prowling swamps

UPI News Wire

BROWNTOWN. S.C, (UPI) - A "lizard Man" reputed .to be 7-foot-tall with green scales, red eyes and a disposition for chasing cars is the talk of Browntown with more and more residents claiming to have seen the swamp creature.

"We've got a Bigfoot over here," Lee county Sheriff Liston Truesdale, said with a chuckle. "It's the beatin'est thing I've ever

The "lizard Man" reportedly lurks deep in the Scape Orr swamp 4 miles South of Bishopville in northeastern South Carolina. Deputy Chester Lighty, who patrols the Browntown community near the swamp, said he has been hearing talk about the "lizard man" for about three weeks.

Two men told Lighty that a "creature" chased them out of the swamp as they drew water from a spring. Residents became even more concerned after Tom and Mary Waye's car was damaged last week and Chris Davis claimed to have been attacked.

"It was green, wet-like, about 7 feel; tall and had three fingers, red eyes, skill like a lizard and snake-like scales," Davis said Monday. Davis said the creature chased his car after he changed a flat tire about 2 a.m. on a road near the swamp. Davis said he was driving about 40 mph when the thing caught up with him but only scratched the car bumper. .

The Waycs suspect the "Lizard Man" damaged their car last Friday. They found the chrome battered, molding ripped off, wires pulled out of the engine and the hood ornament broken.

"I hope nothing don't come back," Mary Wrtye said.

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