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Wednesday, July 16, 1997

A Neeses woman says an 8-foot-tall bigfoot tried to break into her dogs' pen Tuesday afternoon.

By Staff report  
The Times And Democrat

The woman said she spotted the hairy creature about noon Tuesday when she walked outside to see what was making her dogs bark.

"I walked around the dog pen and there was this bigfoot pulling on the chain," she said.

"I started running away and it started running toward the road," away from her, she said. "It was just as afraid as I was," she said.

The bigfoot was described as being 8 to 8-1/2 feet tall with brown hair, with bald spots, although the eyewitness said he didn't look mangy.

The face was human-like, with huge eyes the size of horses', "but at the same time (the face) was more elongated - more like a football. And it would grunt when it ran," she said. Large teeth "like baby blocks" were a yellow-brown-green color, she said, leading her to speculate about the possible lack of dentifrice among bigfeet.

Also, "it was really fat. You think of it as being tall and slender," she said.

"It wasn't wearing any clothes at all. In fact, it was showing a little too much," she said.

If the bigfoot was someone in a costume "it fooled me," she said. She believed the bigfoot ran too fast to be someone in a costume.

"I'm pretty sure he wanted to eat (the dogs) or something. I keep looking out the windows to make sure he's not out there," she said.

"I'm a disbeliever - in a sense I still am. But I'm kinda having a change of heart," she said.

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