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Media Article # 195
Article submitted by Ron Schaffner (
Article prepared and posted by Matthew Moneymaker

Sunday, June 1, 1980

Large Black unknown animal sighted

Creature Chronicles Issue # 2

Subject: Large Black unknown animal sighted on 3/31/80 at 12:30 - 1:00 AM and on 4/1/80 at 11:30 PM.

Big Bone, Kentucky in Boone County App. 25 miles south-west of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Witnesses: Jackie Jones and Dave Stulz

Investigators: Ron Schaffner (, Earl Jones and John Daily

Police Investigators: Officer Prindle Officer R. Meyers Officer J. Whalen and Deputy Sheriff: J. Fisk

3/31/80 - Jackie, Dave and son Jason were ready to retire for the night when they suddenly heard an unusual sound coming from the boat dock. They said the noise sounded like a combination of a lion and elephant roar. Jackie turned on the outside light which connected to the boat dock when they saw the outline of something moving in the weeds. The object was estimated to be between 2-3 feet wide, around 300 pounds, 5 foot in height and seemed to have a flat face. However, no eyes, ears or snout could be seen due to the darkness. The two witnesses also said that this animal tried to jerk their trailer home around, as if trying to push it over. Dave decided to go out and investigate. When the animal advanced toward him, he got scared and shot at the creature with his shotgun. The creature appeared to jump back into the river (Ohio River backwater) and quietly swam towards the east.

4/1/80 - Dave was talking on the phone with investigator, Earl Jones when something was heard outside the trailer. Jackie called for Dave and again he went outside to see what the disturbance was and hoping to get a better look this time. At this point, Jackie began to talk with Jones in a nervous and frightened manner. She was worried about her son possibly being harmed by this creature. Meanwhile, Dave saw the creature jumping over a ditch and again escaping into the water.

Previous encounter - In June of 1979, this same trailer was occupied by Vicki Jones (Jackie's sister). She had an intercom connected to the boat dock and was hearing strange sounds and they kept getting louder. Her dog began to howl and seemed scared of something. Then all of a sudden her trailer started shaking. The dishes started to fall of the shelves. Was this the same animal, or something else?

Through local legends and old newspaper clippings, John Daily found out that this creature was also seen in 1950. He was also able to find several articles on a creature that was seen in the area on several occasions over the years. The name "SATAN" was dubed by the local residents.

Case Findings/Conclusions - No definite physical evidence was ever found other than the spent bullets from Dave's shotgun that were found lodged in a large tree down by the river. So, Dave did fire off a few rounds, as he claimed. Various markings on the ground could not be distinguished as any prints. The Boone County Recovery Team sent divers into the river, but could not find any evidence. Earl did not hear anything unusual while talking with Jackie. We are left with the testimony of the two witnesses, who seemed very sincere and still frightened as they relayed their encounters to us on seperate ocassions. Their story never changed. We never mentioned the term "Bigfoot" because that fact was never established. However, the Boone County police officers asked us about the possibility.

The actual police incident reports are now available in pdf format on the database. You will need the free Acrobat Reader plug-in for viewing.

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