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Media Article # 173
Article prepared and posted by Matthew Moneymaker

Wednesday, June 30, 1971

Photo from 1971, in a remote part of Los Angeles County, California

Sycamore Flats, Little Rock Canyon, and Big Rock Canyon are the areas of the Angeles National Forest where "Big Ben," a particularly tall sasquatch, was repeatedly seen by local residents, rangers, and campers in the early and mid 1970's. These canyons form part of the eastern flank (facing the great Mojave Desert) of the San Gabriel mountain range, which towers over Los Angeles on the western side.

Two of the trio where riding in the bed of the pickup truck and watched in horror as Big Ben loped down the road in back of the truck for a short distance before running off the road into the darkness. At one point Big Ben's head brushed an oak tree branch roughly 10 feet off the ground. When the three friends returned the scene the following week they were able to judge the height and shape of the figure with decent precision by adjusting this cardboard silhouette next to the tree branch that was bumped by Big Ben's head as it ran past.

From left to right, witnesses Brian Goldojarb, Richard Engels and Willie Roemerman. They are shown holding a cardboard silhouette of the figure that pursued them as they drove from their camp site late at night.

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1971, Sycamore Campground, Angeles National Forest (near Pearblossom) ; short article with photo of three college students who were chased from their campsite. [Note: Several other incidents in this same area during that period. All witnesses described creature of similar stature.]

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