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Wednesday, November 21, 1973

Sycamore Flats sightings indicate Bigfoot's in Valley.

By Chuck Wheeler
Lancaster, Ca. Daily Ledger Gazette

Sightings near Sycamore Flats camp ground a few days ago by a woman who momentarily saw a faint outline of a creature reassembling our most renowned Antelope Valley Bigfoot were accompanied by grunts and screeches much as is described in John Green's "The Sasquatch File." CBO members first heard about it, and they were the first to locate prints.
During the past few days something different developed. Along with Grumley and Smith and DLG photographer Jack Overlade, and myself, Chuck Wheeler DLG Staff Writer, journeyed to Sycamore Flats, extremely interested now but not any less skeptical.
While Grumley showed us this foot print, and that faded foot print, this pretty good print, and another that might have been a footprint. It was Overlade who found the only print I would say showed great definition and looked authentic. The prints, definitely were not made by a bear, and could not have been made by man because, it was a haphazard footprint, which appeared as if the owner of the foot was surprised and slipped. He slipped breaking the humus-type top of the of the ground and leaving a print of a hurried and harried person, perfectly carved out of the decaying top layer of ground.
That footprint that Overlade found was in a campground and other lighter prints lead from it, about forty five to fifty inches apart. The foot itself was possibly twice the normal man's foot in length and maybe twice the width. It is the second time I have seen so-called bigfoot prints. It looked like a real footprint of some huge animal but it was difficult to ascertain whether there was bone structure since the twigs in the other impressions defied further detection.
It was reported, by Grumley, that not far from the Valley, several teenagers had their frankfurters stolen by something that boldly came into their camp and scared "the living daylights" out of them. Their stories conflicted a little and they weren't sure of what they had seen, only that it was large, hairy and shaped like a man. They, like so many, added "But it definitely wasn't a bear."
The Overlade print convinced me in a different way. It looks like the animal slipped and crushed the humus-type layer into the ground. The depth of it was uneven, like a slip, for it was on a grade near a large bush, indicating stealth. The Overlade Print definitely was not made by someone out on a lark, for the anxiety surrounding the print, the slipping of it on the soft, twiggy ground and the ragged definition of it indicates that bigfoot is in the Valley, but as elusive as ever.

Bibliographical Information:

1973 Antelope Valley Bigfoot Sightings

You might find the following old newspaper articles of some interest. They pertain to Bigfoot sightings in our Antelope Valley during the early 70's. The paper that the articles came from is now defunct, and I believe that most of the people named are long gone. I'm taking the articles off of some very poor micro-fish film, on a lousy video and copy machine at our local library.
My family and I lived in Lancaster at the time that these articles were written. Some of the articles could be plausible, but others?
In the following newspaper articles, which were written by the papers staff writer, Chuck Wheeler, who worked for the Daily Ledger Gazette during this era. I'm only going to try and give you the pertinent sighting information, because there is a lot of extraneous fluff thatís intertwined in the articles.

Summery: It looks like the Staff Witter was convinced that there is a very strong possibility that bigfoot really does exist.

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