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Monday, October 22, 1973

Bigfoot believer attacks CB operators.

By Chuck Wheeler
Lancaster,Ca. Daily Ledger Gazette

Bigfoot just won't be put down. Since January he's been seen numerous times around the Valley. And he's still being seen. CBO members report that there have been 20 sightings since summer began and that some are still under intense investigation.
Rich Grumley, president of CBO, says that several reports have come from people who were picnicking or swimming at some of the Valley's reservoirs and lakes. Grumley states that investigation of those area's proved that bigfoot did, in fact, stop off, perhaps to escape the 100 degree temperatures momentarily, or to quench his giant thirst. CBO vice president Floyd Smith has found large impressions of big feet near the shoreline at one location. He believes that bigfoot made the tracks. Lacy says that one eyewitness account described the creature as being "not quite knee deep" in a pool of water, which was found to be over four feet in depth. And sometime latter a big hairy and apelike creature was seen swimming some distance away from shore.
Some local motorcyclist who reported to the CBO, and have played an important part in pinpointing the whereabouts of bigfoot. One nineteen year old motorcyclist reported to CBO members that he had stopped to rest when he espied the creature holding a good sized boulder in its hands, or paws, as if it were preparing to throw a two-handed shot put. He threw it, narrowly missing the youth. CBO says that not all sightings investigated by us are for real.
Many Joshua trees have appeared to be bigfoot creatures. Lacy, a CBO member, tells of monitoring a citizen band radio for one half hour one night and picked up criticisms cloaked in "vague generalities, insults and derogatory remarks spoken by a few of the local CB'ers and directed toward the Bigfoot Organization."

Bibliographical Information:

1973 Antelope Valley Bigfoot Sightings

You might find the following old newspaper articles of some interest. They pertain to Bigfoot sightings in our Antelope Valley during the early 70's. The paper that the articles came from is now defunct, and I believe that most of the people named are long gone. I'm taking the articles off of some very poor micro-fish film, on a lousy video and copy machine at our local library.
My family and I lived in Lancaster at the time that these articles were written. Some of the articles could be plausible, but others?
In the following newspaper articles, which were written by the papers staff writer, Chuck Wheeler, who worked for the Daily Ledger Gazette during this era. I'm only going to try and give you the pertinent sighting information, because there is a lot of extraneous fluff thatís intertwined in the articles.

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