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Article submitted by Richard A. Hucklebridge

Tuesday, May 22, 1973

, Bigfoot "Migration" through Valley nearing end according to specialist.

By Chuck Wheeler
Lancaster,Ca. Daily Ledger Gazette

Bigfoot sightings in the Antelope Valley are just about over for 1973. B/F Enterprises' Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi told the Ledger-Gazette that there is possibly a migration of bigfoot creatures from the north-western United States to Mexico. Biscardi believes that the migration is about ended in the Antelope Valley that the bigfoot creatures, described as hairy and shaped like a man, but between seven to eight feet tall, have left the Valley. Biscardi, who owns B/F enterprises with Gene Findley of Santa Clara, considers himself the greatest hunter of bigfoot in the United States.
The great hunter came to the Antelope Valley after an article appeared in a Los Angeles newspaper explaining the electronic machine, in which Biscardi uses to hunt the ape-like creature. Mrs. Joanne Cooper, who lives here at, 100th St. East in Lancaster, contacted Biscardi concerning the sightings that have been reported so far this year. Many of the sightings produced footprints three times the size of man's. She wanted to know if Biscardi would come to the area and determine if the sightings were the real thing or well planned hoaxes. "In any area where there are sightings some are hound to be Hoaxes," Biscardi said, "but in talking to members of the California Bigfoot Organization headquartered in Palmdale, it appears that not all of the sightings have been hoaxes."
Biscardi brought with him, Ivan Marx, another bigfoot hunter and the B/F detector. The device shows on a screen any animal life that might appear in its detecting capability. Body energy from the animal is pecked up by the machine and thrown onto the screen. There have been bigfoot creatures on the screen, Biscardi says, adding that the machine will pick up any animal and present silhouetted likeness. Finkley invented the machine, which is an infra-red detector in three parts: detector, analyzer and source. "It is all detected on body energy." Biscardi explains, Findley, the inventor, is a supervising engineer for an electronics firm in Sunnyvale, Ca.
Biscardi has been tracking bigfoot creatures since 1967 and he feel that he knows as much about bigfoot as any body. Biscardi produced several color slides. One of the pictures shows a couple of bigfoot creatures on a ledge, but Biscardi won't say where the pictures were taken. He also has bigfoot in black and white. The creature in the picture looks much like an ape but with a posture more of a man. He, Biscardi, clams to have a half -hour film on Sasquatch, and has been offered over Twenty Five thousand dollars for it, but won't sell it. Biscardi goes on building him self- up and even associates him self with Dr. Grover S. Krantz of Washington State University

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1973 Antelope Valley Bigfoot Sightings

You might find the following old newspaper articles of some interest. They pertain to Bigfoot sightings in our Antelope Valley during the early 70's. The paper that the articles came from is now defunct, and I believe that most of the people named are long gone. I'm taking the articles off of some very poor micro-fish film, on a lousy video and copy machine at our local library.
My family and I lived in Lancaster at the time that these articles were written. Some of the articles could be plausible, but others?
In the following newspaper articles, which were written by the papers staff writer, Chuck Wheeler, who worked for the Daily Ledger Gazette during this era. I'm only going to try and give you the pertinent sighting information, because there is a lot of extraneous fluff thatís intertwined in the articles.

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