Why location details are important
to include in sighting reports.


The BFRO has a lot of experience in dealing with witnesses and their information. We do so in a thoughtful, cautious and considerate manner. We ask for details about the incident location, including directions, but we don't post that information on the web site if witnesses ask us not to, or it doesn't seem like a good idea for whatever reason.

Often we will post only general location information, and retain the specific details and directions in our internal records. We always exercise the best judgment in deciding which information is safe to post online.

The BFRO needs detailed directions in order to accumulate very specific location data for scientific analysis. Once enough data is collected we will be able to figure out many things about these animals.

If providing directions or location details still worries you, you need to be aware of the following:

1) We don't post location directions on the web site if there is a potential for bigfoots or witnesses to be disturbed by curious people.

2) There are thousands of sighting locations across the continent. None indicate where a bigfoot is. Rather they indicate where a bigfoot was, at one point in time. These animals do not stay in the same place for very long.

Again, it's important for the BFRO to have location details for scientific purposes, even if those details are not going to be posted online.

If you are still concerned about giving directions to a location, don't let that stop you from reporting an incident. You do not have to include any directions at all if you are so concerned, but please still tell us about the incident.


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